equinux supports Google’s Web Albums Picasa with iSale 4.1

iSale 4.1 integrates Picasa Web Albums

Munich, Germany / San Mateo, CA – May 24th, 2007: iSale-users no longer
need to worry how many pictures they wish to place in their eBay auctions.
The latest release of the two-time Apple Design Award Winner, iSale 4.1,
now supports the ever-popular Picasa Web Albums – Google’s free online
picture service. With this newly added picture service, iSale-users can
avoid eBay-fees and store currently up to one gigabyte of images – enough
space for all your actions’ photos.

More Buyer-details stored in Address Book iSale 4.1 offers new useful
functions that make it even easier to manage your eBay auctions. With just
a glance at your Mac OS X Address Book, you can view all relevent
information regarding any of your previous buyers. iSale 4.1 adds the date,
item-number, the buyer’s eBay username and additional auction details to
the “Notes” section of the relevant contact.

Select and manage multiple auctions
iSale 4.1 makes it even easier to work with multiple auctions. This
expanded feature is ideal for iSale users who have large libraries and need
an easier way to group, print, export or even delete multiple auctions at a
time. Just command-click each of the desired auctions to easily manage
multiple iSale auctions.

More than 160 Template layouts
With the update to iSale 4.1 users will benefit from another 10 new
template layouts focusing on collectible items and electronics, but are
also suited for other item categories as well.

=46urthermore iSale 4.1 features improved stability and includes fixes for
various minor issues. This update is free to all registered iSale 4.x users
and can be downloaded via the update-function directly within iSale or from
the equinux website. A free trial version of iSale is available on the
equinux website.

Availability and Pricing
Upgrades to iSale 4 from previous versions start at $19.95* (19.95=A4 incl.
VAT) and full versions of iSale 4 start at $39.95* (39.95=A4 incl. VAT).
iSale 4.1 is available at the equinux Online Store at www.equinux.com/store
or from your local Apple Retailer – pricing and availability are subject to
*Local sales-tax may apply

About equinux
equinux (www.equinux.com), located in San Mateo, CA (USA) and Munich,
Germany, develops and distributes successful Mac solutions for
professionals and consumers alike. Today users from all over the world rely
on equinux’ award-winning and trusted applications. The business solution
VPN Tracker is the market-leading VPN client for the Mac OS X Platform.
iSale, equinux’ successful eBay auctioning solution won several Apple
Design Awards, and currently represents the 2006 winner