LAS VEGAS, NV and OTTAWA, ON, 19 April, 2007 – FileCatalyst 2.0 from
Unlimi-Tech Software Inc. offers Mac-based creative professionals in
broadcasting, post production, content, digital delivery and system
integration firms a software-based solution offering maximum
throughput for large point-to-point or multi-cast file transfer

Featuring patent-pending acceleration technology with less than 1%
overhead, on-the-fly compression and byte-level incremental
transfers, FileCatalyst 2.0 for the Mac uses software automation to
overcome the file transfer inefficiencies associated with packet loss
and latency. Not only can FileCatalyst guarantee line speed for
Mac-based networks, it can actually provide effective throughput 2-3
times greater than line speed. This translates to speeds 50 or more
times faster than traditional transfer methods.

FileCatalyst 2.0 offers the following features for Mac creative professionals:

* Transfer data at line speed, immune to affects of RTT and packet loss
* No additional hardware requirements or line upgrades
* Push and Pull files or entire directories
* Incremental transfers of file deltas
* On-the-fly compression
* Industry standard SSL for control channel, and AES for data
* Automatically detect line speed with adaptive rate control
* User-based authentication with permissions control
* Universal Plug and Play automatically maps required UDP ports
* Cross-platform support (Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, Windows)

For Mac system integrators, FileCatalyst 2.0 offers four client
applications that provide ultimate customization options.

* HotFolders make large file transfers as easy as dragging and
dropping or saving a file into a folder that is incorporated directly
into existing workflow processes

* Applets provide application hooks that tightly integrate into J2EE,
..NET, PHP or other Web application frameworks so that users can
browse for a file and click an upload/download button in the browser
to transfer large files across global networks

* A Command Line Interface (CLI) allows integrators to replace or
complement other script-driven file transfer mechanisms

* A Software development Kit (SDK) gives programmers the power to
build FileCatalyst 2.0 transfers into any system

About Unlimi-Tech Software Inc.

Founded in 2000, Unlimi-Tech Software Inc. is a privately held,
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