Berlin, April 20th 2007. One of the most important features of the
new pdfCorrect is the possibility of embedding fonts in existing PDF
files later on. This means that problems caused by missing or
incorrect font characters no longer occur. In addition, the user can
use the new pdfCorrect to redefine and save the visibility of layers
in PDF files. This makes it possible to integrate more than one
different language version in a single PDF but to only release the
language relevant for the recipients. In this way, pdfCorrect allows
users to flatten invisible and unnecessary layers to reduce the file

Being tried and tested and easy to use, pdfCorrect allows you to
correct troublesome PDF files in no time at all. In this way, the
plug-in for Acrobat 6, 7, and 8 guarantees almost 100% security even
at the data creation stage, enabling the generation of PDF files that
are optimized for printing. pdfCorrect is able to find up to 60
different typical errors that might cause problems during printing.
These errors include common PDF defects such as incorrect overprint
settings, defective image resolution, and unwanted embedded ICC
profiles. Thanks to pdfCorrect, correcting errors in PDFs is no
longer a job for specialists. It’s now something that can be carried
out in seconds with a few clicks of the mouse.

callas software provides a command line version of pdfCorrect for the
automated correction of PDF files and easy integration into existing
workflows. As a result of this simple integration process into
existing workflows (for example, with Helios or Gradual Full SWITCH/
Power SWITCH), frequent PDF corrections can be carried out quickly
and effectively. The new version of pdfCorrect CLI enables the
automated changing or flattening of the visibility of layers for the
first time. These new layer functions in the current pdfCorrect CLI
command line module enable the quick, automated removal of crop marks
and the separation of the die-cutting forme from the other pages.

pdfCorrect is available from callas software as a plug-in for Adobe
Acrobat 6, 7 and 8, or as a command-line module (CLI) for automated
PDF workflows on Windows, Mac, Linux or Sun Solaris.

The current version of the pdfCorrect plug-in and the CLI version are
available for download at