Technology leader providing new hardware with a memory size of 4 GByte

CeBIT 2007: Wibu-Systems announcing ExpressCard compliant card module

Hanover (CeBIT) – Wibu-Systems (Hall 7, A35) announced today that the
CmCard/E is the new Card module making the CodeMeter Digital Rights
Management (DRM) technology now available under the ExpressCard form
factor. The CodeMeter DRM system is a proven and highly flexible
protection technology for digital products and has been well adopted
by many software vendors since its introduction in 2003.

“CeBIT of this year is for us the opportunity to enlarge our scope of
hardware solutions by releasing the new card module CmCard/E
providing a 4 GB of flash in addition to our CodeMeter DRM system,”
said Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems AG. “With
ExpressCard modules and ExpressCard sockets now becoming widely
available we follow our customer needs for a higher performing
technology. With the new card we can support larger storage
capacities for all kind of applications including the capability of
protecting large audio and video files. CodeMeter security products
integrate with all mayor platforms based on Windows, Apple and Linux.
Consumer and Industrial Electronics will be next areas where the
adoption of the ExpressCard standard will take place. We are ready to
serve those markets and their needs by offering our protection
solutions for intellectual property assets to be protected in more
complex environments.”

“The use of ExpressCard technology in Digital Rights Management is an
exciting next step in the evolution of this technology,” said Brad
Saunders, chairman, PCMCIA, the trade association that developed the
ExpressCard Standard. “WIBU’s CodeMeter system is an illustration of
how ExpressCard technology can be applied to facilitate the
protection of intellectual property assets across the globe.
Wibu-Systems joins the many other PCMCIA members who have introduced
modules in areas such as connectivity, communications, memory,
storage, security and entertainment.”

Customer applications are requiring removable and high quality
security based on DRM solutions, while mandating protection of
software and data assets as well as safeguarding of personal data
such as passwords.

Strong security as defined by AES and ECC encryption standards is
supported by the CodeMeter DRM solution. CodeMeter development tools
are productive tools for establishing license management and the
administration of licenses for many types of applications ranging
from software protection to document and digital media protection.
CodeMeter DRM supports protection needs based on one single DRM
platform for multiple software vendors and content providers.
CodeMeter products provide in addition particular storage to keep the
private user data including licenses, credit accounts and other
personal data separated from less trusted environments.

Wibu-Systems has been shipping over one million security tokens such
as WibuKey and CodeMeter for software and license protection, for
authentication and SmartShelter for document protection. Wibu-Systems
has been a longtime PCMCIA member since 1993, headquartered in
Germany, with European offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and in UK.
International offices are in Seattle and Shanghai from where the US
and Chinese customer bases are served.