Virtix has announced the immediate availability of Virtix Zoom and Pan 2.0 for iMovie. Virtix Zoom and Pan 2.0 is a unified product which is meant as an enhanced replacement for the separate Virtix Zoom 1.1 and Virtix Pan and Scan 1.0 products. Like the products it replaces, it can be used on moving video and still images. However, this new product now uses the full resolution of high-quality still images. The new package features a custom graphical user interface, allows users to specify an XY position, a magnification factor and an angle parameter at the beginning and end of the clip, supports transparency in imported images, and also contains the bonus Spotlight and Witness Protection effects. Virtix Zoom and Pan 2.0 (US$34.99) works with iMovie 2.0.1 and later for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.