Swansea, United Kingdom – February 12, 2007. Reinvented Software is
proud to announce the release of Keep It Together 1.3 for Mac OS X,
an application that lets you keep everything you need in one place,
organize it in the way you want and find it again instantly. KIT 1.3
introduces the ability to tag and rate items, print PDFs directly
from other applications, updated user interface and much more.

KIT is a magic scrapbook for everything you want to keep. Text,
documents, images, movies, sounds, web pages and bookmarks can all be
dragged to KIT for safe keeping, previewed, collected together in
different ways and found again immediately.

Introduced in August 2004, KIT has a different take on traditional
organizers, focusing on making storage and retrieval effortless
rather than require everything be organized into complicated
hierarchies; but KIT has a few tricks up its sleeve there too. Files
can be color-coded with categories, tagged, rated and sorted into
groups; unlike folders, these work like iTunes playlists so that a
file can exist in more than one group at a time. KIT’s smart groups
will do all the hard work of staying organized for you.

KIT shows previews for most popular file formats, meaning you don’t
have to open other applications to review files. KIT also creates and
saves bookmarks and web archives. KIT will save whole or portions of
web pages that preserve all the original links and content and works
with popular web browsers such as Safari and OmniWeb. KIT indexes the
contents of all kinds of files so they can be found again as quickly
as you can type.

New features in 1.3:

– Files can now be assigned searchable tags

– Files can be rated with up to 5 stars

– Save to PDF from other applications

– A customizable shortcut key to make KIT the active application

– Added Web preferences for controlling the content displayed in
previewed web content

– Previews of source code files

– Updated and improved UI

– Support for Growl – http://growl.info

KIT 1.3 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, is priced at $24.95, and is
a free upgrade for all registered KIT 1.x users. Educational
discounts are also available.

For more information and to download a fully working 15-day trial,
visit the KIT product pages at http://reinventedsoftware.com/kit/

Reinvented Software was founded in August 2004 by long-time Mac
developer Steve Harris who, having wasted 10 years working for other
people, decided to dedicate his life to making the best software in
the world – software for the Mac. Reinvented Software currently
publishes two applications: KIT, a revolutionary un-organizer and
Feeder, the premier RSS and podcast publishing application, both
exclusively for Mac OS X.