System menu item to help with HTML markup for blogs and more.

PORTLAND, Oregon — February 5, 2007 — Dejal today announced the
immediate availability of Dejal BlogAssist 2.1, a handy tool to help
weblog and website editing by making HTML markup easier.

There are three easy ways to use it: you can use whichever one you
prefer, or all three as desired.

1. The System Menu: BlogAssist adds a small menu to the right-hand
side of the menubar in all applications. You can simply select and
copy some text into the clipboard, choose a suitable operation from
the menu, then paste the result in the desired location. The text
will have been transformed like magic. For example, copying hey and
choosing Bold will result in (b)hey(/b) – the HTML tags for boldface
text, wrapped around the original text.

2. The Services Menu: BlogAssist also appears in the Services menu,
available in most applications. This is really easy to use: just
select some text and hit Cmd-( to display a small panel. Simply
choose an operation and click OK to drop the marked up text back into
your document. The previously copied text also appears in the panel;
useful for operations like Web Link that use two values. Copy a URL,
select text to use as the link label, hit Cmd-( and choose the
operation, then click OK, and you have a web link nicely formatted
and inserted.

3. The Floating Window: This is similar to the Services menu panel,
but can be left open as long as you like. It floats above all other
windows, alwaywa available. It can be hidden and shown via the
BlogAssist system menu. With the floating window displayed, you
simply drag text to one or both of its Value fields, choose an
operation from the included pop-up menu, then drag the formatted HTML
from the Result field. Like the Services panel, this window includes
a convenient preview of how the HTML will be rendered in a web page.

BlogAssist comes with several useful operations, including web and
e-mail links, bold/italics/strikethrough/etc, LiveJournal tags, and
more. But you aren’t limited to those – you can add, change, or
remove them via the Operations Preferences.

Check out the new Dejal Blog for the latest Dejal news:


Pricing & Availability:

BlogAssist is immediately available through Dejal’s online store
(( Three license levels are available:
“Individual”, for a single user, priced at $9.95 (US); “Household”,
for all people in a household, at $14.95; and “Site”, for any number
of users in your organization, priced at $79.95. This is a free
update for licensed BlogAssist users.

A fully-featured trial is available as a free download from

BlogAssist 2.1 requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.