Moneydance 2007 Now Shipping

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, January 19, 2007: Reilly Technologies is
pleased to announce the release of Moneydance 2007, the most
intuitive personal finance manager for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
Moneydance is intended for people who want to manage their finances
quickly and easily regardless of which operating system(s) they use.
Moneydance can manage your online banking, online bill payment,
budgeting, expense tracking and investment management or it can
simply be the best checkbook software you’ve ever used.

This update addresses the huge amount of feedback and enhancement
requests we’ve received from the community of Moneydance users, said
Sean Reilly, director of Reilly Technologies. The focus for this
release has been improving the user interface, adding reports and
graphs as well as features to make managing personal finances more
rewarding. We’ve also made a huge number of bug fixes – too many to
include here.

Among the new features and improvements in Moneydance 2007:

* Budget graph in the toolbar that shows the state of your income and
expenses compared to your budget

* Net worth history graph in the main toolbar showing the general
trend of your finances

* New budget manager allowing much more flexible budget planning

* New budget report showing your budget status for multiple time
periods side-by-side

* Improvements to investment portfolio view such as cost basis for
individual securities as well as overall cost basis and portfolio

* More polished graphing (using JFreeChart) including the ability to
zoom in to any portion of the graph and to get information for each
point in the graph with a simple swipe of the mouse

* Additional reports such as Income/Expenses and a true Cash Flow report

* A new summary graph on the home page that shows an overview of your
expenses or income for a period of your choosing, updated instantly

* A vast number of user interface improvements, making the starting
“home page” screen more informative while appearing less cluttered

“Moneydance is easy to set up, and packed full of features. It’s easy
to stay connected to all of your online banking details, including
not only your checking and savings account information, but also your
investment accounts. … Plenty of helpful features and useful
graphs, online updates make future use a breeze.” 4 star rating from
MacHome Magazine!

As always, Moneydance is available for free trial from
and can be purchased for $29.99. The trial version is limited to 100
manually entered transactions (imported transactions are unlimited).
Users of Moneydance 2005 and 2006 can upgrade to Moneydance 2007 for
free. Users of Moneydance 2004 and earlier can upgrade for half price!