Drag-and-drop File Sharing over the Internet

ST. PAUL, Minnesota — December 12, 1997 — Qdea today announced the
release of SpeedShare Beta 5, a free public beta of its file sharing
utility for Macintosh computers connected to the Internet.

SpeedShare Beta 5 can be downloaded from the Qdea web site at

SpeedShare has the following benefits:

* Works like (and with) the Finder, with drag-and-drop simplicity.
* On-the-fly data compression.
* Real-time messaging to and from the server.
* Transfer files between any two Macs on the Internet,
even if both have dialup modem connections.
* Copy open files from a remote Mac.

When released, SpeedShare will be $49.95 for one server + one client, and
$29.95 for additional clients.

For more information, and for downloadable demos of all Qdea products,
visit the Qdea Web site at http://www.Qdea.com.

Qdea is an innovative developer and publisher of Macintosh software,
founded in 1992. Specializing in products for the management and transfer
of information, Qdea’s current product line includes the Internet file
sharing utility, SpeedShare, and the file synchronization, backup and
mirroring utilities, Synchronize! and Synchronize! Pro.