JobOrder Eliminates the Need to Use Separate, Fragmented Software
Packages to Run Diverse Business Processes*

Customers Gain Improved ROI Through Ability to Manage Core Business
Operations using a Single, Unified Software Offering

January 17, 2007, Cortland, NY — Management Software Inc. today
announced the availability of its Winter 2007 JobOrder software
release for Windows and Macintosh. Enhancements to JobOrder inspired
by customer insights empower project managers with a unified solution
that offers easy-to-use interfaces for total control of job
scheduling, job costing and other critical business processes
including accounting, payroll, vendor management, asset management
and prioritizing.

“Historically, team and project managers of small to midsize
organizations are placed in the position of using incredibly
fragmented software systems to manage everyday business processes,”
says Victor Siegle, President of Management Software. “JobOrder
provides these companies with a proven and comprehensive software
offering to manage all core business operations relevant to running
their business processes optimally.”

JobOrder eliminates the costs and time associated with managing
multiple systems to perform diverse business functions. Additionally,
by tightening up JobOrder’s resource utilization, job scheduling,
accounting management and reporting capabilities in the latest
version of JobOrder, small and project oriented organizations improve
ROI, productivity and workflow.

In today’s competitive environment project managers are faced with
unenviable challenges. Everyday, they are tasked to ensure that all
facets of a project are working harmoniously for the common good —
delivering a quality end product for their client in a timely manner
and within budget.

This involves managing schedules, budgets, people, and deadlines,
effectively and synergistically. Small to midsize project-oriented
organizations, including ad agencies, architects, consulting
companies, design firms, engineering firms, and job shops, depend
upon JobOrder to manage their estimates, schedules, people and jobs.

Pricing & Availability
A single user license for JobOrder software is priced at $2,495.
Pricing for the JobOrder Accounting Module starts at $1,295. The
JobOrder Digital Asset Management module is free with a single user
license purchase of JobOrder software. Volume and concurrent user
pricing options are also available.

About JobOrder Software
JobOrder facilitates planning, estimating, scheduling, rescheduling,
billing, accounting, analyzing and reporting. Multi-processing
notifications automation capabilities give users full control over
job planning and tracking, project management, workflow, and

JobOrder offers its users a full array of powerful concepts and tools
to streamline and refine entire business processes on an ongoing
basis. JobOrder software enables project-based organizations to gain
immediate access to organization-wide information, eliminate clerical
inefficiencies, cut administrative overhead, deliver work more
reliably and cost-effectively, and realize improved profitability and
sustainable growth. For more information about JobOrder software,
please contact Management Software at 877-714-2587, send email to, or visit

About Management Software, Inc.

Management Software is a leading developer of business process
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