Composer Standard Edition Delivers 4-Step Package Creation

Composer Standard Edition 4.1 is a powerful Macintosh package
creation utility. It is now available as a stand-alone, Universal
application and delivers the ease and flexibility not found in other
package creation tools. Composer was previously only offered as a
component of the Casper Suite.

Minneapolis, MN–January 19, 2007–JAMF Software’s Composer
application has always been an excellent choice for creating
packages, but it was previously limited to those purchasing it as
part of the Casper Suite. Having Composer available as a stand-alone,
Universal application offers greater benefits to those looking for a
package creation utility, including distribution using any preferred
method such as Apple Remote Desktop (ARD).

“We have always offered robust package creation within the Casper
Suite, so we were in a good position to meet the demand for a
flexible, easy-to-use packaging utility as its own application,” said
Zach Halmstad, Partner and Product Manager at JAMF Software. “This
version of Composer offers many easy to use features not found in
other utilities. Users can convert packages from .pkg format to .dmg
format, allowing them to easily modify the contents of the package,
and then convert the package back to .pkg. Packages created in the
..pkg format can easily be distributed using Apple Remote Desktop, the
Casper Suite, or any tool that supports the standard package format.”

Composer is available for download on JAMF Software’s website and is
being offered at a 50% discount for users of Apple Remote Desktop
(ARD) at $49.95. To download, go to:

About JAMF Software: JAMF Software, creators of the Casper Client
Management Suite, was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in
Minneapolis, Minnesota. JAMF Software simplifies the lives of
Macintosh system administrators throughout the United States and
Europe by increasing efficiency, lowering support costs, and reducing
liability for IT Managers and CIOs.