Elastic Window v1.2 for REALbasic Ships

RALEIGH, NC, USA (January 11, 2007) — Pariahware, Inc, consulting
firm and shareware developer, announced today it is shipping Elastic
Window v1.2, a set of classes for REALbasic developers which allows
controls on a window to be resized proportionally with the window.

Version 1.2 of sports the following new feature:
– – Three new modes which allows a programmer to customize
resizing performance.

“Elastic Window has been used and maintained for years in our own
applications,” stated Christian Miller, president of Pariahware, Inc.
“We are now happy to share it with other REALbasic developers.”

Using Elastic Window, developers can design windows with a particular
look in mind and ensure it will maintain a uniform look no matter
what size the user makes the window.

There are a number of reasons why Elastic Window should be used:

– – Making your application more user-friendly for the visually
impaired or for those whose eyesight is weakening with age.

– – Full-screen kiosk applications.

– – Your window has been designed with a certain resolution in mind.

– – Avoid having to manually adjust controls.

Pricing and Availability

Pariahware’s Elastic Window uses a royalty-free, per-seat, licensing
mechanism. This means that each developer using the Elastic Window in
the REALbasic IDE needs to have a license. There is no fee for
applications developed with Elastic Window. The list price for
Elastic Window is $195.00. Site licenses are available. Free demo
versions of Elastic Window v1.2 are available at

About Pariahware, Inc.

Pariahware, Inc. provides consulting services for those wishing to
have cross-platform software developed for Macintosh, Windows and
Linux. Pariahware, Inc. was founded in 2001 and is based in Raleigh,
NC. For more information visit