Ovolab announces Geophoto: your photos from a new perspective.

San Francisco, CA (USA) – January 9, 2007 – Ovolab(R) today announced
Geophoto, a new product for browsing and sharing digital photos.

Ovolab Geophoto displays pictures on the Earth, in the location where
the photo was taken. The user can rotate, zoom and fly through the
photos, on top of a photorealistic three-dimensional Earth.

Users can easily drag their pictures to a specific location on the
globe in order to “geotag” it, i.e. to add location information to
the image file. Once geotagged, a picture can be shared with other
users, and it will automatically appear in the correct location on
the Earth when opened in Geophoto.

This new product opens up an entirely new way of browsing pictures:
by viewing the photo in the context it was taken in, and by visually
relating it to other photos taken nearby, users can receive plenty of
additional information from a single shot. And when travelling, the
sequence of pictures forms a trail that further enriches the viewer’s

Geophoto provides seamless integration with iPhoto: users can browse
album photos on the Earth, and add geotagging information to photos
that are not linked to a specific location yet.

Geophoto can also browse photos on Flickr, where a vast community of
people around the world already shares “geotagged” pictures, as well
as subscribe to iPhoto Photocasts.

A connection to the Internet is not required for placing photos on
the Earth or for browsing the iPhoto library: Geophoto has
high-resolution satellite imagery inside, and can work with local
image files. This is essential for travelers and for users who do not
wish to upload all their pictures to services like Flickr.

Geophoto is a perfect tool for photographers, for travelers, for
people who wish to discover new places in the world, or get the
inspiration for a trip.

And Geophoto is not limited to pictures: users can place all sorts of
information on the globe – contact information, links to web sites,
any kind of file. Thanks to this feature, Geophoto is also a great
tool for keeping travel diaries, for creating your own guide to
restaurants or places in the world, which can be browsed by flying
over a three-dimensional Earth.

Ovolab Geophoto supports 3Dconnexion’s Space Navigator
three-dimensional input device, which adds an intuitive way to
navigate through space to Geophoto’s ease of use and speed.

Geophoto automatically reads the geographical information stored
inside digital photos by GPS-equipped cameras.

Ovolab Geophoto is being demoed during this week at Macworld Expo in
San Francisco, at Ovolab’s booth #313 in the South hall.

Pricing and availability

Ovolab Geophoto will be released in the second half of February 2007
as an electronic download, but is available immediately for preorder
at the introductory price of $39.95 (suggested retail price after its
release: $49.95).

Please visit the Ovolab web site at http://www.ovolab.com/geophoto/
for more information.

About Ovolab

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