Softraid LLC newly headquartered in Sebastapol, CA,today released
version 3.6 of SoftRAID, an important Intel-based upgrade to their
RAID backup and performance software for the Mac. SoftRAID 3.6 offers
complete support for all Intel processors, including the Mac Pro and
Intel Xserve. Most significantly, SoftRAID version 3.6 now offers the
ability to boot Intel Macs from SoftRAID Mirror and Stripe Volumes.

In a change from previous versions, SoftRAID 3.6 supports Tiger (Mac
OS X 10.4.x) exclusively. Panther and Jaguar support will be
maintained with SoftRAID 3.5.x, but no new features will be added for
those Mac OS X versions in future releases.

“It was important to move forward with a Tiger-only release,” said
V.P. of Engineering Tim Standing, “as so many of the tools to
communicate on a low level with the operating system have changed. By
making this change now, we ensure that SoftRAID can keep up to date
as Apple transitions to Leopard later this year.”

SoftRAID 3.6 fully supports 64-bit memory in the new Intel EFI
booting architecture on the Mac Pro and Intel Xserve. All the monitor
and notification routines have been rewritten to maintain
compatibility across both PowerPC and Intel platforms.

In addition to the Intel support, SoftRAID 3.6 fixes numerous bugs
including one which affected the speed of some Mirror volumes. It
also improves support for burning startup DVDs and Utility program
startup CDs, such as Disk Warrior 4.

For more information about SoftRAID 3.6, and for review copies,
contact us at