Insider Software Releases Industry’s First Automatic Preventive Font
Maintenance Tool

Smasher 1.5 Performs Automatic Repair of Font Problems Occurring in
Leading Design Applications

San Francisco, CA — January 8, 2007 — Insider Software, the makers
of FontAgent Pro, announced today the immediate availability of
Smasher version 1.5, its multipurpose font utility that enables
creative professionals to extract optimal performance from their
design applications. An industry first, Smasher 1.5 introduces
automatic preventive maintenance that takes corrective action to
ensure that applications avoid common garbled-text problems, and
image and print documents properly. After simple setup, Smasher
automatically addresses problems commonly seen in leading creative
applications including Adobe Creative Suite, , QuarkXPress, Microsoft
Office, and the Mac OS X operating system.

Making Fonts and Suitcases More Efficient

Smasher enables users to view all fonts in a suitcase–including
legacy Mac OS 9 suitcases that may contain numerous fonts from a
multitude of families and foundries–and smash the suitcases into
their smallest components. Also new in this release is the ability to
split font suitcases directly down to the single style level–such as
Myriad Pro Bold Italic–and create style-level suitcases ready for
use in Mac OS X. To smash a suitcase, users drag it into Smasher,
then click the Smash button, or simply drag their desired fonts to a
Mac OS X folder, and . Smasher automatically creates new, more
efficient and manageable suitcases.

Using Smasher, users can:

* Use smashed fonts with any font management utility or design application

* Stop wasting system resources by activating individual fonts rather
than entire suitcases

* Improve system stability and reliability by verifying basic font integrity

* Simplify font menus by creating smaller, more precise suitcases for

* Examine and simplify Multiple Master fonts to extract them intact
from suitcases

* See individual fonts in their native typefaces

* Compare contents of multiple suitcases

* View file permissions and foundry information with a click

* Keep bitmap and printer fonts together to ensure proper printing
and PDF generation

* Create Mac TrueType versions of Mac OS X dfonts for running Mac OS
9 and Classic applications

Like Antivirus Software for Fonts

“Smasher is the essential partner for every font manager, not just
FontAgent Pro,” said Bob Leeds, Insider’s Vice President of Sales and
Marketing. “Fonts that were working perfectly one minute can fail the
next, and Smasher’s new automated repair functionality means
designers can focus on creativity and not troubleshooting. It’s like
having anti-virus protection for your fonts,” he added.

Pricing and Availability

Smasher retails for $49.95 and is available immediately from Insider
Software and resellers worldwide. Smasher requires a Macintosh
computer running Mac OS 10.3 or later, 7 megabytes of RAM and 5
megabytes of storage space.

Smasher will be on display this week at Insider’s booth S-2518 at
Macworld Expo 2007 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center..

About Insider Software
Insider Software is known for its products that streamline the
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