Next-Generation Headset Combines Advanced, Award-Winning Technology and
Industrial Design for Clearer, More Comfortable Conversations

ATLANTA and SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 21 — Noise is nothing with the new Jawbone
Bluetooth headset, which is available exclusively from Cingular Wireless —
just in time for the holidays.

Aliph, a leading developer of mobile audio products that deliver
exceptional quality in any environment, and Cingular Wireless, the nation’s
largest wireless carrier, today introduced the new Jawbone headset for
Bluetooth mobile phones. Jawbone is the first adaptive Bluetooth headset
with Noise Shield(R) technology, which virtually eliminates background
noise so calls are clearer. Jawbone’s audio performance is further enhanced
by an award-winning design by internationally acclaimed product designer
Yves Behar, which maximizes comfort and functional simplicity.

Ambient noise is often an issue with many headsets and can make
conversations difficult in noisier environments. The Jawbone Bluetooth
headset with Noise Shield technology uses an advanced, military-grade
noise-canceling system that continuously adapts to users’ changing
environments to deliver unparalleled audio quality.

The Noise Shield technology was originally developed by Aliph for DARPA
(The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to enhance communications
in the most hostile and rugged environments. This technology includes an
intelligent system of sensors and software, which continuously adjusts-at a
rate of 500 times per second-to improve audio quality based on what it
knows about the environment. In doing this, the Jawbone headset will:

1. Identify and isolate your speech: Jawbone is the only headset that has
a proprietary voice activity sensor. Its ability to determine precisely
when you are speaking is what drives the headset’s superior sound quality.
Unlike other headsets, Jawbone can easily separate your speech from other
sounds nearby.

2. Subtract the unwanted noise: Jawbone’s proprietary software
continuously samples the sounds in your environment, and then subtracts
those sounds from your speech signal. This allows you to speak normally in
any environment while still being heard clearly when placing calls.

3. Automatically enhance your audio: Jawbone constantly adapts, allowing
you to hear your caller better by boosting the frequencies that increase
voice intelligibility to stand out over your environment.

“We endeavored to build the first headset all users will actually want to
wear,” said Hosain Rahman, Aliph CEO and co-founder. “We’ve always led the
industry from a technology perspective, now we’ve integrated that adaptive
technology into a Bluetooth headset that is simple, intuitive, and easy to
use — the total product experience has been designed around how Consumers
actually use wearable technology. As an innovator in wireless
communications, Cingular is the perfect partner to bring the new Jawbone to

“Jawbone is the first Bluetooth headset that adjusts and optimizes both
incoming and outgoing sound so you can conquer the problems of a noisy,
unpredictable world,” said David Christopher, Vice President, Product
Management, Cingular Wireless. “Today’s consumers may often find themselves
having conversations in less than ideal environments. With Jawbone, our
customers can now make phone calls comfortably in high-traffic, high noise
locations. We are pleased to be the first wireless carrier worldwide to
bring this unique, best-in-class product to market.”

Jawbone has a perforated shield that curves to match the outline of the
face, while the soft and smooth underside provides a comfortable feel on
the skin. Only 14 grams, Jawbone feels very light on the head and can be
worn on either ear. Earloops in four different sizes and shapes ensure a
customized fit and feel while also maximizing stability on the ear.

“With Jawbone, we set out to transform a technology product into a personal
accessory,” said Yves Behar, who joined Aliph as vice president and
creative director while continuing to lead fuse project, the San
Francisco-based design studio he founded. “Jawbone’s ergonomic and clean
design enhances all aspects of the product experience: visual, tactile and

The Jawbone Bluetooth headset was awarded an International CES Innovations
Design and Engineering Award and an iF Product Design Award. An earlier
generation of the Jawbone headset was honored with the 2005 CES Innovations
Award, the BusinessWeek Industrial Design Excellence Award, and a DEMOgod
award from the DEMO industry conference group in 2004. The first version of
Jawbone has also been exhibited at both the New York Museum of Modern Art
and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Jawbone is currently available exclusively at select Cingular Wireless
retail stores nationwide for $119.99 and is compatible with all
Bluetooth-enabled handsets. Consumers can also visit

About Aliph

Aliph was founded in 1999 by Alex Asseily and Hosain Rahman, two young
engineering entrepreneurs who met as Stanford undergrads. The pair shared a
belief that voice would be the dominant interface for mobile devices and
that creating a noise-free environment was critical to delivering an
improved mobile communications experience. Aliph is committed to ensuring
that mobile users have the best possible experience anywhere, anytime.
Since 2002, Aliph’s technology has been optimized for DARPA to maximize
communications clarity in the most hostile conditions. Aliph’s first
consumer product, the Jawbone headset, debuted in 2004 to critical acclaim
for its marriage of performance, design and comfort. Headquartered in San
Francisco, Calif., Aliph is funded by private investors and the Mayfield
fund. For more information about Jawbone, please go to

About Cingular Wireless

Cingular Wireless is the largest wireless carrier in the United States,
serving 58.7 million customers. Cingular, a joint venture between AT&T Inc.
(NYSE: T) and BellSouth Corporation (NYSE: BLS), has the largest digital
voice and data network in the nation — the ALLOVER network — and the
largest mobile-to-mobile community of any national wireless carrier.
Cingular is a leader in third generation wireless technology. Its 3G
network is the first widely available service in the world to use HSDPA
(High Speed Downlink Packet Access) technology. Cingular is the only U.S.
wireless carrier to offer Rollover(R), the wireless plan that lets
customers keep their unused monthly minutes. Details of the company are
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Next-Generation Headset Combines Advanced, Award-Winning Technology and
Industrial Design for Clearer, More Comfortable Conversations