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Thursby Software Ships TSStalk

New York City -July 19, 1999 –Thursby Software Systems, Inc.
(Thursby Software) announced this week at the Macworld Expo in New
York City that it has released TSStalk for Windows 95/98.

TSStalk is a complete AppleTalk client implementation for Microsoft
Windows that allows PC’s to join AppleTalk networks to share files
and printers. TSStalk is based on the COPSTalk technology that
Thursby Software acquired from COPS, Inc. in April of this year.

Thursby Software is the maker of DAVE; a multiple award wining
Macintosh based solution for connecting Apple Macintosh computers
into Microsoft networks. Major enhancements to the TSStalk product
are planned over the next twelve months to ensure total compatibility
with DAVE based systems.

Thursby also announced that a free evaluation of their new product
can be downloaded from their web site at and will be
available this month worldwide through Thursby’s existing network of
distributors and dealers.

Thursby Software Systems, Inc. of Arlington, Texas, has been
developing, supporting and marketing a wide variety of connectivity
solutions worldwide since 1986. Thursby Software products include the
original DECnet and LAT protocol suites for the Macintosh (TSSnet),
MacNFS, and DAVE. The company can be contacted at 1.817.478.5070, by
Internet e-mail: or