Partnership Provides Affordable Storage Solution=20
for Everyday Mac Users

Oakdale, MN, December 18,=20
2006–( Tree=20
Communications, a leader in networking and=20
storage solutions, and top ATA-over-Ethernet=20
(AoE) storage provider=20
( Data=20
Solutions have developed a strategic partnership=20
to offer everyday Mac OS X users=20
high-performance, low-cost storage technology. As=20
a result of this partnership, Small Tree will=20
deliver its multiport=20
Ethernet (GbE) cards and=20
to 2=9AFrost for use with the company’s Mac AoE=20
storage technology.

An ideal alternative to iSCSI and Fibre Channel=20
for audio and video production houses, as well as=20
small and medium businesses, AoE technology uses=20
standard Ethernet to provide fast, low-cost and=20
scalable shared networked storage.

“AoE storage is the most far-reaching storage=20
technology to date, so for Small Tree, a=20
partnership with 2=9AFrost was a logical extension=20
to our business plan,” stated Derek Robb, vice=20
president of sales and business development.=20
“This partnership will give users the robust and=20
affordable solution they require to increase=20
bandwidth, streamline workflow, improve=20
efficiency and further customer satisfaction. We=20
look forward to working closely with 2=9AFrost on=20
additional packages that will be of great=20
interest to those looking to strengthen=20
productivity without hurting the bottom line.”

2=9AFrost recently announced the introduction of=20
Mac AoE Storage, a series of turnkey solutions=20
that allow Mac-based networks to scale from a=20
single terabyte to multiple petabytes of shared=20
storage at a price significantly lower than iSCSI=20
and Fibre Channel storage systems. The=20
combination of Small Tree’s technology with=20
2=9AFrost’s has provided MacBook Pro and Mac Mini=20
users with a shared storage solution for the=20
first time.

“Our goal is to provide Mac users with a=20
cost-effective storage alternative,” said Sue=20
=46rost, 2=9AFrost co-founder and CEO. “AoE=20
capitalizes on Ethernet’s ubiquity, enabling=20
users to install a robust solution without=20
overhauling their entire

infrastructure. Using Small Tree’s technology to=20
enhance our state-of-the-art storage solutions,=20
we’re able to offer a line of products meeting=20
stringent network requirements while also=20
servicing various budget restrictions. I expect=20
our Mac AoE Storage turnkey solutions to be only=20
the first in a long line of ventures using Small=20
Tree’s innovative products.”

About Small Tree Communications
Small Tree is dedicated to providing unique=20
leading-edge enterprise networking solutions for=20
Apple Mac OS X. With world-class high-performance=20
computing experience from its team of networking=20
and kernel developers, Small Tree brings new=20
technology peripheral products to meet the=20
demanding application requirements of Mac=20
customers. Small Tree also provides contracted=20
programming services for the Department of=20
Defense. For more information about the company=20
and its products, please call 1-866-STC4MAC, or=20
visit (

About 2=9AFrost Data Solutions
Based in Bellingham, Washington, 2=9AFrost is a=20
technology company whose mission is to deliver=20
the benefits of ATA-Over-Ethernet turnkey storage=20
solutions to the Mac OS X Community. 2=BAFrost is=20
led by a core team with more than 15 years=20
experience specializing in designing, developing=20
and supplying innovative first to market software=20
applications and products for Macintosh. The=20
company’s software division developed and=20
introduced the first Mac OS X Network Driver for=20
AoE storage. Today, 2=9AFrost continues to further=20
develop application solutions for AoE Storage on=20
Mac OS X. For more information, please contact=20
2=BAFrost Data Solutions at 1-360-450-2133, email=20 or visit=20