Intego Will Unveil its Latest Security Products at World’s Biggest
Macintosh Event

Austin, TX, December 18, 2006: Today Macintosh security specialist
Intego announced that it will again be present at the world’s leading
Macintosh trade fair, the Macworld Conference and Expo, in January
2007. The San Francisco Macworld Conference and Expo is the most
exciting and prestigious Macintosh trade fair in the world, a major
event where Apple regularly announces new products and unveils its
latest innovations.

With nearly 38,000 visitors last year, 360 exhibitors, more than 120
speakers and hundreds of media representatives, the entire Macintosh
world is present, and Intego will take up residence for four days at
booth S2338.

“We’ve been working on solutions to protect Mac users from the
threats that arise when running Windows on a Mac,” said Laurent
Marteau, CEO, Intego. “Since Intel Macs can run Windows, either using
Apple’s Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion, Mac users who
work with both platforms need additional protection. For Macworld
Expo 2007, we will have some exciting new products to announce.”

Intego’s security experts will also be on hand to discuss and
demonstrate new and existing products. The company greatly values the
opportunity this gives it to get feedback from users and press alike.

As well as new products, Intego will be presenting their full product
line, including NetBarrier, VirusBarrier (desktop and server
versions), Personal Backup, ContentBarrier, Internet Security
Barrier, ChatBarrier, Personal Antispam, and Remote Management

About Intego
Intego develops and sells desktop Internet security and privacy
software for Macintosh. Intego provides the widest range of software
to protect users and their Macs from the dangers of the Internet.
Intego’s multilingual software and support repeatedly receives awards
from Mac magazines, and protects more than one million users in over
60 countries. Intego has headquarters in the USA, France and Japan.

As the dangers of the Internet grow, Intego is hard at work,
developing new software to protect users and their Macs from the
latest security and privacy threats.