MicroAPL ships Universal Binary version of APLX

Sussex, England – November 22nd, 2006 — MicroAPL Ltd announces the
release of Version 3.5 of APLX for Mac OS, the advanced
cross-platform APL interpreter and development environment, as a
Universal Binary for both Intel and PowerPC systems.

APLX is an advanced implementation of the APL Array-Programming
Language, closely modeled on IBM’s APL2 language specification. The
new version has been re-engineered as a Universal Binary to take full
advantage of the speed of modern Intel-based Macintosh systems.

Richard Nabavi, Managing Director of MicroAPL, commented: “Since
1985, MicroAPL’s APL interpeter has been the leading array processing
language for the Macintosh. The new version 3.5 has been extremely
well received by our beta testers, who have reported speed
improvements of up to 5 times over previous PowerPC-based systems.
Performance is particularly impressive in the kinds of
compute-intensive modelling and scientific applications in which APL

Time-limited but fully-functional demonstration copies of APLX
Version 3.5 can be downloaded free of charge from the MicroAPL
website www.microapl.co.uk/apl.

MicroAPL Ltd was founded in 1979 and is based in Sussex, England. The
company specializes in APL interpereters, assembler-to-C translators,
and other translation tools for porting legacy software to new
architectures. The company also provides consultancy services in
systems development and cross-platform porting. Further information
on MicroAPL products can be found at http://www.microapl.co.uk.