BakBone Delivers New Advances in Replication with Latest Version of
NetVault: Replicator 5.0

Multi-Site Replication Software Reduces the Complexity of Managing
Real-Time Content Distribution and Disaster Recovery For
Heterogeneous Storage Environments

SAN DIEGO–BakBone Software (Pink Sheets:BKBO), a global provider of
heterogeneous integrated data protection solutions, today announced
NetVault: Replicator version 5.0, a real-time data replication
software solution. Incorporating unique new features that streamline
data protection management, NetVault: Replicator 5.0 gives customers
enterprise-class capabilities to help plan and prepare for disaster
recovery scenarios. With broad platform support for Linux, Solaris,
and Windows environments, NetVault: Replicator 5.0 provides an
improved user experience for Windows customers, as well as more
comprehensive functionality over local or wide area networks. Using
NetVault: Replicator 5.0, customers benefit from up-to-the-second
content distribution for file systems, as well as disaster avoidance
and recovery, at a fraction of the cost of hardware-based solutions.

“In today’s 24×7 business environments, companies cannot afford
operational downtime, nor can they tolerate data loss,” said Jeff
Drescher, director of product management, BakBone Software. “With
this latest upgrade of NetVault: Replicator, we save resource
constrained administrators both time and money in managing their
complex heterogeneous environments while protecting vital server and
remote office data. This ensures the maximum level of business data
and application availability.”

Offering automated, real-time, and scheduled replication operations,
NetVault: Replicator 5.0 is an essential disaster recovery component
for data availability and delivers the redundancy required by today’s
global commercial enterprises. Enabling bi-directional operations and
flexible configuration options across Linux, Solaris and Windows
platforms, this latest version reliably, efficiently and in real-time
replicates data and distributes content between multiple distributed
sites over any IP network.

Unlike competitive replication solutions which only support
homogeneous environments and lack integration with backup technology,
NetVault: Replicator offers the industry’s most comprehensive
cross-platform replication between different heterogeneous
environments. Integral to BakBone’s strategy of enabling Integrated
Data Protection using customers’ existing infrastructure investments,
NetVault: Replicator integrates with BakBone’s award-winning flagship
backup and recovery software, NetVault: Backup to keep its servers
highly available. This eliminates the need for multiple point
products to simplify and streamline data protection management.
Advanced reporting and monitoring APIs will also enable seamless
integration with future versions of BakBone’s NetVault: Report
Manager software, giving administrators the ability to monitor and
report on replication jobs while helping to ensure continuous
availability of mission-critical data and applications.

In addition to a completely redesigned Windows-based graphical user
interface (GUI) which allows rapid access to management functions and
system status thereby easing administration, new key features in
NetVault: Replicator 5.0 include:

* Enhanced Platform Support — Increased flexibility with added
platform support for Windows Storage Server 2003 and Solaris x86-64
environments, bi-directional replication for Windows, and expanded
cluster support for VERITAS Cluster Suite, Heartbeat and Red Hat
Cluster Suite.

* Higher Performance Data Movement — Offers a higher performance
journaling data store which uses less disk space and fewer system
resources to reduce server overhead, especially in data intensive
collaborative environments.

* Capacity Planning — Provides capabilities to accurately simulate
the impact of replication on a production environment for efficient
deployment planning.

* Accelerated Recovery — Using a cluster manager-like option,
recovery of file systems is streamlined to provide a higher level of
network data availability.

* Remote Office Data Protection — Offers a destination target
pattern masking capability that automatically organizes data and
simplifies restores from NetVault: Backup tapes directly to the
source machine to provide centralized backup of branch or remote

At Secure-24, a Michigan-based leading provider of information
security and managed hosting services, maintaining 24×7 access and
availability of business critical data and applications across
multiple customer sites is the life-blood of the organization.
According to Volker Straub, COO of Secure-24, “With multiple
customers depending on Secure-24 to maintain continuous data
availability, we needed a data protection solution that would
centralize administration, offer high performance and scalability,
while supporting multiple heterogeneous storage environments. With
advanced functionality including real-time content distribution and
disaster recovery, NetVault: Replicator enables us to easily protect
and manage our customers’ data environments. Using NetVault:
Replicator, we offer our customers the peace of mind that their data
is safe and accessible when and where they need it.”

To minimize administrative costs and reduce the complexity of
managing data across multiple locations, NetVault: Replicator 5.0
replicates disparate server data (including branch offices and remote
office sites and business units) to a single location. This enables
administrators to reliably protect data from multiple servers or
sites by consolidating backups and centralizing data for disaster
recovery. For environments where multiple servers must maintain
synchronized data (such as Web servers, rich media servers for video
clips, or supporting remote office content updates), NetVault:
Replicator offers data distribution by providing automatic content
synchronization of any size data storage environment independent of
applications. This allows administrators to set the replication
schedule with NetVault: Replicator OnDemand, pick source and target
servers and manage bandwidth.

Free 30-day Product Download

BakBone’s NetVault: Replicator is available now for download. For
more information or to download a fully-functional 30-day evaluation
copy of any product, please visit:

Pricing and Availability

BakBone’s NetVault: Replicator product suite is currently available.
Pricing for NetVault: Replicator per host node starts at $1,499 for
Windows, $2,999 for Linux, and $5,999 for Unix. For more information
on the BakBone reseller partner nearest you or to purchase any of the
NetVault: Replicator products, please visit BakBone’s web site at

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Secure-24 is a premier security e-business provider providing its
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cannot afford to have an outage for any reason. They can also not
afford to suffer the effects of Trojans, worms, hacking, etc. We
unite best-of-breed security hardware and software with our
unparalleled services for an “end-to-end” security solution. We own
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BakBone Software is a leading international data protection solution
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