Salem, NH – 12/13/06. Macintosh speech recognition authority
MacSpeech announced today it has certified Apple Computer’s Video
iPod as well as three microphone attachments fortranscribing recorded
speech to text. MacSpeech has tested the Belkin TuneTalk, Griffin
iTalk Pro, and Xtreme Mac MicroMemo with the Video (or 5G) iPod. All
three provide excellent results when used with iListen and the
MacSpeech TranscriptionPak.

“Transcription using an iPod has been one of the most frequent
requests from our customers,” said MacSpeech Chief Evangelist Chuck
Rogers. “The Video iPod samples at a rate high enough to provide good
accuracy, but until recently there were no microphone attachments. We
are pleased to announce that all three of the currently available
attachments meet our requirements for certification.”

Users must have the MacSpeech TranscriptionPak, which is available
separately, installed along with the iListen application in order to
use an iPod for transcription. Also, there must be only one speaker
on the recording, and that speaker needs to have a trained profile in

To celebrate the certification of the Video iPod MacSpeech is
offering the TranscriptionPak at a discount of $10 off its normal $75
price. The offer is good through December 31, 2006 and customers must
enter “TRANSPAK_10” into the Coupon Code field while checking out of
the MacSpeech online store to receive the discount.

MacSpeech offers several iListen packages, including a software only
solution for $99, and a software and headset with microphone for
$149. The optional TranscriptionPak is available for and additional
$75. Both iListen and the TranscriptionPak are available from the
MacSpeech web site.

MacSpeech is a Mac-only company dedicated to producing the finest
speech products for Macintosh.