Announces VolumeWorks Version 1.5

Upgrade for Innovative Macintosh Disk Utility Includes Intel Mac
optimization, GUID support, and dual-bootable CD.

Union City, CA November 7th, 2006 — Inc., a software
company focusing on system utility and data recovery software, today
announced the availability of VolumeWorks version 1.5. VolumeWorks is
the first application in the OSX market to support dynamic resizing.
The latest version of the software offers better performance, Intel
Macs support, and a dual- bootable CD which supports PPC and Intel

One of the biggest developments since the release of Mac OS X, the
Intel based Mac provides an astonishing level of performance. The
latest version of VolumeWorks is an Universal Binary application.
This allows the software to automatically run at peak performance on
any Mac architecture. It is optimized for Intel based Macs to take
advantage of their blazing speed.

In additional to optimized support for Intel Macs, VolumeWorks 1.5
supports the latest partition format shipped with the new Intel
machines (GPT). VolumeWorks’ Rebuild feature can convert the drive’s
partition map between PDISK format for use with older PowerPC-based
systems and GUID format for newer Intel-based Mac systems

The latest version of VolumeWorks is now available on a dual-boot CD,
allowing users to boot both PowerPC and Intel-based Macintosh systems
quickly and easily. This new dual-boot CD supports most Macs ranging
from the G4 to the latest Mac Pro.

Written specifically for Mac OS X, VolumeWorks includes powerful
features that give the user greater flexibility and control in
setting up and managing drive partitions:

* Resize Partitions On-The-Fly – modify partitions on your drive
without erasing them.

* Volume Testing and Repairing – ensures your disk is in ideal
condition before editing it.

* Comprehensive Support – including SATA, ATA, Firewire and USB drives.

* Streamlined User Interface – most operations to be accomplished in
a few clicks.

* Hide Partitions – temporarily put partitions out of sight for privacy.

* Custom Icons – provides a selection of icons for newly created partitions.

* Partition Moving – without requiring you to erase the volume.

* Partition Map Reconstruction – allowing full access of a newly
device copied drive using hardware such as Diskology’s Disk Jockey.

* Bootable CD-ROM – supports machines ranging from first generation
PowerPC iMacs to the latest Intel Mac Pros.

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements

The MSRP for VolumeWorks is $49.95 for download or $59.95 plus
shipping for the bootable CD version. To purchase VolumeWorks, please
visit our website or contact your local reseller.

SubRosaSoft VolumeWorks requires System 10.3 or higher.

For more information on VolumeWorks please visit:


All current owners of VolumeWorks version 1.0 thru 1.3 can download
the free upgrade from:


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