Brainwave today announced that it is offering pzizz, their power napping and sleep software, to students for US$9.95 per module. “Students are under huge strain when studying, and can benefit enormously from taking regular power naps during the day,” says Edward Laing, CEO of Brainwave Enterprises and owner of pzizz. “By offering pzizz at such a low price we hope to make it easier for them to choose a healthier way to stay energized than caffeine, candy, or soda.” Pzizz offers the next generation of power napping and is designed to help people achieve their goals in life’s fast moving environment. The power napping software has been proven to reduce stress levels, improve decision-making abilities and enhance overall performance. The pzizz software offers over 100 billion combinations of naps, making each nap unique and interesting to the subconscious. These naps can be exported onto an MP3 player for later use and can be used by professionals, students, athletes and even new parents to help them achieve their daily goals.”