Cumulus 7.1 offers significant improvements and new features to the
Cumulus 7.0 product line.

Berlin, Germany, 17 OCT 2006 — Cumulus 7.1, the latest version of
Canto’s award-winning Digital Asset Management software, is available
for immediate download, Canto announced today.

Cumulus 7.1 brings product fixes and updates across the entire
product line. Cumulus users can now personalize Native Client
workspace layouts to better suit specific tasks. Users of the Web
Access Clients will benefit from powerful asset relationship
management options previously available only in the Native Client.
All users will benefit from tighter feature parity between the two

Workflows benefit from enhanced client/manager approval options.
Users can set up trigger notifications that automatically email
clients when files are ready for review. In addition, Web-direct
asset links can be copied from within the Native and Web Access
Clients for easy pasting into email and other applications. When the
recipient clicks the link, the asset is presented for download via
the user’s preferred Web browser.

Improvements to the Cumulus Native Client include a category pane
that can be split to additionally show the selected asset’s
thumbnail, preview, metadata and a calendar. Calendar dates are links
that find and display assets cataloged or modified on the date
clicked. Once a collection window layout has been configured with the
panes and views a user prefers for certain tasks, the setup can be
saved for easy recall.

The Cumulus Web Access Clients have been updated to support split
view and asset relations options first introduced in the Cumulus 7
Native Client. Performance is outstanding, even on slower Internet
connections, making the Web Access Clients–more than ever–the ideal
choice for remote users.

On the back end, the Cumulus Server can now be mirrored to another
Cumulus Server for backup and Web Access Client load balancing. In
addition, user-created sets can now be exported and imported.

The initial release of Canto’s Brand Management solution,
BrandAssistant, due Q4 2006, will be based on Cumulus 7.1, extending
all benefits of the update to users of that solution too.

The Cumulus 7.1 upgrade is available free of charge to Cumulus
Workgroup and Cumulus Enterprise customers on Software Maintenance
(SM) subscriptions. Customers can download the upgrade from Canto’s

More information is available online: http://

First released in 1992, Cumulus remains the world’s favorite digital
asset management system, with over 13,000 servers installed worldwide
and over 1,000,000 user licenses sold.

The Cumulus Server is available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and
Solaris platforms. Client software is available for Mac OS X, Windows
and the Web.

Founded in 1990, Canto remains the leading supplier of Digital Asset
Management products and services.

Canto products and solutions are built upon the cross-platform
Cumulus Core metadata processing engine and software framework, which
enables customers to archive and manage the digital assets used in
workflows of any size, from office work groups, to multinational

Cumulus Core-based servers run natively on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
and Solaris platforms. Cumulus Native Client software is available
for Windows and Mac OS X. Cumulus Web Access Clients work in all
popular Web browsers. All Macintosh applications are Universal Binary.