(October 05, 2006) — Jumsoft, the leading developer of Apple Keynote
themes and illustration add-ons, has released Keynote Themes 5.0, now
with 30 professional-grade themes and up to 24 layout masters
specifically designed for each theme.

Jumsoft more than doubles the number of themes standard in Apple’s
Keynote, thus giving users double the assurance that they will find
the perfect theme for their presentation–whether it be commercial or
scientific, technical or legal, educational or simply entertational.
This new version also instills users with a whole lot of confidence
that not everyone else will be using the same theme.

Keynote Themes 5.0 was designed to be compatible with all versions of
Apple Keynote. It retains 27 versatile themes from an earlier version
and adds 3 new ones: Art, Chameleon and Wild. Once downloaded and
installed, all 30 Jumsoft themes are conveniently displayed in the
Themes menu of Apple’s Keynote.

Keynote Themes 5.0 requires Apple Keynote 1.1 or later. Apple iWork
’06 is recommended. The package is available for $45 at
(http://www.jumsoft.com/themes) It is $19 for registered Keynote
Themes 3.0 users.

About Jumsoft
Jumsoft’s team of software developers focuses primarily on creating
powerful, exciting, easy-to-use applications for Mac OS X. Their
quartet of Keynote add-ons includes: Keynote Themes 5.0, a collection
of 30 versatile themes; Keynote Animations 4.0, an unparalleled suite
of animations; Keynote Photos 2.0, and assortment of photo
backgrounds and Keynote Stills 3.0, an assortment of noteworthy
still-life illustrations. Other popular Jumsoft shareware includes:
Process 2.0, the innovative, award-winning outlining application that
links planning and scheduling to project-specific resources such as
web sites, PDF files and text documents; and Money 1.3.5 for personal
accounting. For more information, please visit the company’s website
at (http://www.jumsoft.com).