London, UK, 2 October, 2006 — Miglia Technology, a leading
manufacturer of digital media products, today announced TVMini HD,
this cool looking device allows you to watch, pause record and rewind
HDTV over the air and Digital Cable on your Mac is now available for
the outstanding price of $199.

TVMini HD will let you watch and record TV in outstanding digital
quality on your Mac. TVMini HD is smaller and less expensive than any
comparable product, and compact enough to take with you on any
journey. TVMini HD ships with EyeTV 2.0 integrated and in the box.

Simon Ellson, CEO, Miglia Technology, commented: “The TVMini HD has
been a very successful product and is widely recognised as a great
way to get HDTV over the air and Digital Cable (ClearQAM, unencrypted
channels on your Mac ready for editing or burning to DVD! It is
highly rated by reviewers in key magazines and on sites such as
Macworld and Macsimum News, TVMini HD was also critically acclaimed
in Dallas Morning News technology section last month. One of the cool
features of this great product is the ability to remotely schedule
recordings over the internet
from anywhere in the world as well as export these shows directly to
your iTunes library for synching with your iPod.”

Store your favourite TV shows on your Mac to watch whenever you
want, or burn them to DVD to watch on your TV or export them to your
iTunes library and your iPod (5G). As usual Miglia includes a high
quality remote control that provides the ‘complete viewing
experience’ allowing remote
scheduling and channel selection from the comfort of your armchair.

Key features of the TVMini HD:

* TVMini HD lets you watch, record, edit and archive television on your Mac.

* Watch live television on your Mac

* Record television digitally to your Mac’s hard drive

* “shift time” by pausing live television, rewinding or fast forwarding

* Edit recorded television to remove unwanted content or save a favourite scene

* Archive favourite programs to DVD, SVCD or VideoCD to play on most
standard DVD players

* Closed Captioning and TeleText for International users.

* Export to iPod, PSP, iMovie HD, iDVD, or DVD Studio Pro allowing
you to make professional quality recordings.

* Seamless integration with TOAST for easy burning of CD’s/ full
screen or even in the Dock.

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Mac Compatibility

Mac with USB 2.0 Connectivity G4/500 or higher (DualG5 required for
1080i resolution) Mac OS 10.3.9 and higher Mac OS X 10.4 compatible

Pricing and availability

Miglia TVMini HD is available now from Miglia’s distribution
partners, and its online store, for a recommended retail price of
$199. TVMini HD is exclusively available in the USA, for HDTV in
Europe please see TVMini online at

All units carry a full 2 year RTB warranty. A list of distributors
and resellers is available on Miglia’s website:

Product Reviews

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About Miglia

Miglia is a manufacturer of both computer and consumer electronics
accessories for your digital lifestyle. The company’s products
leverage high-end audio, video and voice technologies and apply them
to the broader consumer marketplace. Miglia’s vision is to provide
digital lifestyle accessories that enhance the users experience.
Founded in 2001, the company began life as a leading provider of
Macintosh accessories and now has offices in the United Kingdom, the
United States and Taiwan.