Enables Rapid Development and Rapid Content Updates of Web Sites

MALAGA, Spain (May 21, 2003) — Kualo Software announces an update of
KuebSite, the application for the creation of web sites. The version 1.5.1
adds a Dutch localization and a few bug fixes. KuebSite is made with
REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc.

The power of KuebSite lies in the fact that it is not a web design
application, nor an HTML editor, but a database-drive automatic web site
builder. Since KuebSite uses templates for building web sites, if you wish
to change to look of your web page in minutes, simply choose a different

This revolutionary system for building web sites free the users from
the complex part of the design process, so you can get your web page
built in minutes.

Some of the new features of the new version include styled text,
QuickTime and Flash videos, as well as a label generator that enables you to
create navigation bars very easily.

It is available for Mac OS 9 (with CarbonLib) and Mac OS X in English,
Spanish, Dutch and French, in the same download file. It is distributed
with a shareware fee of $20. If you purchase a license of KuebSite and
KuConta (our accounting application) together, get a 25% discount off the
normal price and save $10!

Download an evaluation application and get more information by visiting: