September 27 2006 – Today the Mac BU is launching its first Universal
application for Intel-based Macs — Messenger for Mac 6.0. As you
might remember our last version of this IM application focused on
features for Enterprise users with support for Live Communications
Server 2005. This time around the team is providing key updates for
personal users, including interoperability with Yahoo! Messenger. In
fact, as of today both Messenger for Mac and Windows Live Messenger
users on PCs now have access to their friends on Yahoo! Messenger.

With Messenger 6.0 users will benefit from more choice and
customization options, and can IM worry-free with the new option to
spell check messages. Here are the highlights:

Personal users:

* Chat with Yahoo! buddies: Mac users can enjoy the same new feature
offered to Windows Live PC users — allowing them to expand their
buddy list.

* Personality Plus: Create custom emoticons and a personal display
message, including “What I’m Listening To” — a feature that allows
buddies to see what a user is listening to on iTunes.

Business users:

* Help IT Help You: We listened to feedback from IT managers after
the release of our last version and are now providing them with the
choice to deploy Live Communications Server only, enabling easier IT

Customers can download Messenger for Mac 6.0 for free at or via Microsoft AutoUpdate.