Hello –

This is just a quick note to let you know that we have made a free update
available to our award-winning CyberGauge software.

As you may know, CyberGauge monitors bandwidth usage and automatically
creates real time utilization graphs as well as daily, weekly, and monthly
quality of service (QoS) and billing reports. CyberGauge works with any
SNMP-based device, including routers, switches, and servers.

This update features architectural changes to provide more efficient use of
network resources as well as a few other minor changes:
* Better handles sleep conditions on OS X
* Adds Gbps and 10 Gbps to default list of bandwidth metrics
* Uses more efficient methods of network socket allocation
* Fixes maximum bandwidth values on device restart conditions

The CyberGauge 4.2.1 update is now available free for all 4.0 and above
customers and free to maintenance contract owners.

To get the update, visit http://www.neon.com/updates.html.

People who wish to try the software can visit

Upgrades from older versions start at $99. CyberGauge 4.2.1 is available
for US$295 for 5 devices, $495 for 10 devices, and $695 for 20 devices
from www.neon.com or by calling us at +1 925-283-9771.