FileWave announces version 2.6 of its multi-platform software
management suite FileWave

All Mac OS software as universal binary and more Windows support with
Fileset WinMagic Assistant

Wil, Switzerland, September 27 2006 — FileWave, a technology leader
of Mac OS X and Windows systems management software, today announced
the latest version of its software management suite, FileWave 2.6.
FileWave makes the distribution, installation, and configuration of
software in multi-platform environments fast and uncomplicated. The
new release significantly simplifies the automated installation and
configuration of software on computers running Microsoft Windows.
Additionally all the Mac OS based components of FileWave are now
Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel based Macintosh computers.

Software installation and management on Microsoft Windows computers
is now easily achieved with Fileset WinMagic Assistant. Fileset
WinMagic Assistant gives system administrators a full overview of all
changes made to a disk and Windows Registry by a software installer.
These changes are then saved to the FileWave Server for delivery to
FileWave Clients. In addition to the full control of every file,
folder, registry key and registry value offered by Fileset WinMagic,
support of Microsoft Installer (MSI) and Microsoft Transform (MST)
files and Setup.exe style installers are fully supported by the
FileWave Client and FileWave Admin software.

Remote control of FileWave Clients is further expanded through an
integration of Apple Remote Desktop 3.0. FileWave Administrators have
the possibility to control or observe remote computers screens via
Apple Remote Desktop 3.0 or Timbuktu as well as command line remote
control via Secure Shell (SSH).

“This 2.6 release is a great leap forward for FileWave,” explains Ben
Forsyth, CEO and Head of Development at FileWave (USA), Inc. “We have
simplified installation on Windows clients through the use of the new
Fileset WinMagic Assistant to match the ease already known to Mac
users. The integration of Apple Remote Desktop 3.0 into FileWave
XAdmin is in response to the request from many users for a fast and
uncomplicated program for software distribution in networks as a
supplement to Apple’s powerful remote maintenance tool.”

Here is an overview of additional FileWave 2.6 features:

– Edit arguments of Setup.exe style installers in FileWave Admin

– Export of single files from a Fileset to the Finder

– Improved user interface for “New Fileset” operations

– Display of date, time and version of Filesets in Fileset Report

– Increased Fileset download performance from FileWave Booster

– FileWave Boosters can be configured with 5 FileWave Boosters for redundancy

– Export of Filesets as templates with FileWave XAdmin which enables
sharing of Filesets without breaking software license agreements

– Improved feedback function in the FileWave Client via upgrades to
Mac OS X Tiger About FileWave

FileWave develops, markets, and integrates the software management
tools FileWave and Asset Trustee. These products deploy, monitor, and
manage applications in enterprise network environments based on Apple
Macintosh systems. Customers of FileWave include Nike, Gruner + Jahr,
LEGO, Publicis and Viacom. For additional information, please visit