Tuesday, September 5, 2006 — MacMod.com and Other World Computing
today are proud to debut the entries in The Great Mac Mod Challenge
2006. In 2005, Mac enthusiasts raised the bar by delivering
technically impressive Mac mods that captured the imagination of
people all over the world. Today, some of those mods have reached an
almost cult status in tech circles. This year the competition is as
hot as ever! The 2006 entries range from simple to extreme and again
take Mac modding into new territory. Visit
and see the worlds toughest PowerMac, a Mac mini-powered robotic
vehicle, the Bang & Olufsen Mac, a Commodore encased PowerMac, and
many more.

The Mod of Year award and other winners will be announced on
MacMod.com Tuesday, September 12, 2006.

Special thanks go out to the sponsors that made the 2006 Challenge
possible: Other World Computing and MacSales.com
Griffin Technology
Ackoo Solutions

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About Other World Computing
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