Peachpit Releases “Designer’s Guide to Mac OS X Tiger”

You held off on moving to Mac OS X until your bread-and-butter
applications made the jump, and now you’re thinking of moving up to
Tiger. This book is especially geared toward designers who’ve become
comfortable working under Mac OS X and are ready now to make the
Tiger transition. Designer and prepress pro Jeff Gamet focuses on the
Mac OS X Tiger features that matter most to illustrators, designers,
and other graphic professionals. He explains not only how things work
in Mac OS X Tiger, but how Tiger enables users to work efficiently
and effectively. In chapters devoted to fonts, printing, PDF, color
management, networking, the Mac’s built-in design tools, and much
more, readers will learn how to:

* Solve the nitty-gritty issues designers confront daily * Improve
production workflow and avoid common problems * Optimize, maintain,
and secure your network, whether you work in a complex office
environment or a small graphics studio

Title: Designer’s Guide to Mac OS X Tiger Author: Jeff Gamet ISBN:
Price: $29.99
Publishing imprint: Peachpit Press

About the author

Jeff Gamet is a Macintosh consultant specializing in prepress and
electronic workflow. He teaches classes and seminars on Mac OS
X-related topics and is a contributing editor for Design Tools

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