Summary 2.6 beta 6 is now available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux x86.
Summary 2.6 will be a free update for owners of Summary 2.5.

You can download it here:

Summary is a web server log analyzer. With over 200 reports, many of
them unique, Summary tells you more.

New features in Summary 2.6 include:

* Twenty three new reports and many new columns in existing reports.

* New Mac OS X native version of Summary. Mac OS 9 will no longer be
supported in Summary 2.6.

* Total View Time, One Page Visits, Tracked Visits (Plus, SP Lite, & SP
only), Search Visits, and Robot Visits columns in the time reports.

* Visits column in the Content reports (Plus, SP Lite, & SP only).

* Tracking of goals by entry point.

* Support for log files of any size ()4Gig).

* Tracking of a second goal (SP Lite and SP only).

* Per sub-report request aliases (SP Lite and SP only).

* Improved internal database layout, reduces RAM requirements in some
situations and allows between 10% and 30% more data in SP Lite and SP.

* And much more.

See ( for a complete list of changes.