RSS Replay v 1.0 Puts RSS Content into Dreamweaver Webpage Layouts

Arlington, VA, August 1, 2006 — RNSoft President & CEO Ronald
Northrip today announced the immediate availability of RSS Replay
version 1.0, a Dreamweaver extension for placing content from RSS
feeds into webpage layouts.

Does your website have RSS feeds? Want to put them in your webpage
layouts? Got a blog? Want to list its entries on other websites
you’re building? Think another website has really useful articles?
Want to put their titles on your webpage? How about company news
stright from Google News? Financial content from Yahoo Finance?

All you need to do is republish their RSS Feeds — and RSS Replay
lets you do it right from Dreamweaver without retyping or copy/paste
and without having to know any new RSS/XML codes.

There’s a world of content ready for republishing. Really Simple
Syndication is a two way street. Some folks publish feeds, other
folks share that content with new audiences. That’s a win-win for you
and for the original content author.

RSS Replay uses JavaScript to collect RSS content from RSS feeds and
applies formatting that you can control to present that content in
the way that best suits your needs. Using Dreamweaver, you can create
HTML and CSS that you can apply to the content you are republishing.
Simple menus and dialogs make it easy to make RSS content your own.

Built using AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and where needed,
ASP or PHP (depending on your website’s configuration), RSS Replay
puts you in control of some of the most powerful new web publishing

And it automatically updates too!

Key Features:
* Wide Browser Support (IE 5.5+, NN6+, Others) * Full RSS Format Support:
* RSS 0.9-2.0 and Atom 0.3-1.0
* Text Feeds, Podcasts & Photocasts
* Presentation control — make feed content fit your site * Feeds
from your site or anywhere with JavaScript/AJAX, ASP, PHP * A more
complete list of features is available at

Get your copy of RSS Replay today and start republishing RSS content tomorrow!

RSS Replay makes it simple to put RSS content on Dreamweaver-based
web layouts. RNSoft’s focus on simplicity and usability drives the
development of software products for computer users, web developers
and programmers.