REAL Software Ships REAL SQL Server, REALbasic Developers Gain a Single
Point of Contact for End-to-End Database Development

AUSTIN, Texas, USA (July 25, 2006) — REAL Software, providers of REALbasic,
cross-platform that really works, announced today that REAL SQL Server, a
cross-platform multi-user database server for use with REALbasic, is now

“Many of our customers use REALbasic to create database applications,”
stated Geoff Perlman, president and CEO of REAL Software. “Now, anyone who’s
developed a single-user database application can turn it into a multi-user
database application, simply by using REAL SQL Server.”

“REAL SQL Server is an awesome product,” stated Jay Wooten, president of
GoDataSystems, Inc. “Having gone through an extensive evaluation and testing
process, our level of confidence with REAL SQL Server is very high. We are
selecting REAL SQL Server to drive Agency Intelligence, our groundbreaking
software for the life and health insurance industry.”

REAL SQL Server 2006 delivers substantial benefits to REALbasic developers,
such as:
– Whole-solution support from the desktop to the server, all from a single
trusted vendor.
– Reliability and performance as expected from an industry-standards-based
server database engine.
– One-step installation, easy configuration and administration without the
need for external tools, unlike most SQL databases.
– An easy transition and consistent results when migrating from REALbasic’s
built-in database to REAL SQL Server.

Availability and Pricing

REAL SQL Server is available now and a free demo can be downloaded from REAL SQL Server deployment license pricing is
as follows:

– REAL SQL Server, up to five connections, $500
– REAL SQL Server, unlimited connections, $1500, with special introductory
pricing of $999, for a limited time.

About REAL SQL Server

REAL SQL Server is a multi-user database server based on the public domain
SQLite database engine. REAL SQL Server provides REALbasic users the ability
to create secure, robust database applications more quickly and efficiently
than any other database server. Designed for use with REALbasic 2005 or
later. REAL SQL Server also supports connectivity from C and PHP. More
information, including a list of the major features for REAL SQL Server, can
be found at

About REALbasic

REALbasic is a full-featured software development environment suited to
creating all kinds of applications, from utilities to enterprise-class
applications. REALbasic for Windows or Mac starts at $99. REALbasic for
Linux Standard Edition is offered for free. REALbasic Professional Edition,
required for cross-platform deployment, is $500. REALbasic is available now
and can be downloaded directly from REAL Software at

About REAL Software

REAL Software provides REALbasic, Cross-Platform That Really Works, for
people who want to create and deliver cross-platform software for Windows,
Mac and Linux. REALbasic is highly compatible with Visual Basic and includes
a utility to help migrate Visual Basic applications cross-platform to
Macintosh and Linux. REAL Software was founded in 1996 and is based in
Austin, Texas. For more information visit or call