Summary version 3

Summary version 3 is now shipping. New features in Summary 3 include
completely redesigned overviews! The overviews are now task oriented and
include pie charts and interactive bar charts and line graphs. The new
overviews put all the information you might need for several common tasks
all in one place. New appearance throughout. Now uses CSS and supports
recent HTML standards. For more information, or to purchase an upgrade, see:


Summary 3.0 is a paid upgrade for owners of previous versions of Summary.
Anyone who purchased Summary on or after March 28, 2006 can upgrade to
Summary 3 for free.

Summary is a web server log analyzer, with the tools to get the information
you need. With over 250 reports, many of them unique, Summary gives you the
results you want. Summary runs on all of the popular systems including
Windows, Macintosh, and Linux x86. With many unique reports and responsive
technical support, Summary tells you more.