This has got to be good news for Apple (and other tech companies): electronics purchases are top of mind for consumers this year, according to’s April 2010 Consumer Electronics Study. Findings also revealed that consumers are being smarter about their electronics purchases with nearly 65% planning to spend more time researching online before buying.

After researching key areas of consumer behaviors including how consumers shop for electronics (e.g., computers, wireless phones, TVs, DVD players, cameras, music players, video games and E-book readers), what advertisements they find most appealing and what types of electronic products they plan to purchase this year, the analysis revealed the following.

When consumers shop for electronics products:

° Nearly 70% of the respondents said they usually wait a few months to purchase electronics to ensure the product is worth the money and functions properly.

° While consumers are price conscious, they are also willing to pay more for brands that are perceived to have higher quality, durability and life span.

° Sixty percent of respondents said they feel well-established brands have higher quality and will therefore last longer and perform better.

How consumers view electronics advertisements:

° Fifty-eight percent of the respondents said that they do more research and comparison shopping online after seeing an advertisement that interest them.

° Fifty-four percent of the respondents said they would be most receptive to electronic advertisements that informed them about new products and features.

° Forty-seven percent said they are more receptive to ads that compare features of different products.

° Younger adults between the ages of 18-34 are more receptive to electronic advertisements that inform them about new products/features.

° Consumers 35 and higher are more receptive to comparative ads.

Electronic products that consumers plan to purchase this year:

° Seventy-three percent of respondents said they plan to purchase computers, laptops and wireless phones.

° Sixty percent percent said they plan on buying televisions.

° Forty percent said they plan on spending more on computers and laptops.

Overall, the study showed that after delaying purchases in 2009, consumers are re-entering the electronics market but as smarter shoppers. Consumers are ensuring the products are worth purchasing, rather than impulse buying. Advertisements that are informative about new electronic products and that compare features are also more appealing to buyers, which will activate consumers to do more research and comparison shop.

— Dennis Sellers