Apple has updated its Hot Deals site with the latest offerings from Small Dog Electronics. Highlighted products include: get a Hot Deals exclusive price on the Belkin Wireless Media Pilot Multimedia Keyboard w/built-in mouse for US$74.00; get a Hot Deals exclusive price on the Antec USB-powered Notebook Cooler for $27.00; get another Hot Deals exclusive on the the iCarPlay Wireless Plus Charger FM Transmitter for iPod (w/built-n FM tuner) from Monster Cable for $49.00; Got backup? Get the 300GB EZQuest Monsoon FireWire/USB 2.0 external hard drive for $152.00; get free 3-day express shipping when you purchase the 45W/per channel Audioengine 5 speaker system w/built-in charging for your iPod for $349.00; get the most out of Apple’s Aperture application with the Apple Certified Apple Pro Training Series book Aperture by Orlando Luna & Ben Long for $29.00; get the new slim-line Canon DC100 DVD Camcorder w/FireWire for $449; and more.