By Greg Mills

As anyone who spends much time on the Internet knows, Photoshopping pictures can create very convincing evidence to support absolute speculation.  

There is a picture circulating online that, in my opinion, has been intentionally modified to drop a small image of an “iPad Mini” into a staged picture. See .

The full picture shows a man holding an iPad in each hand. The picture was staged with him holding a real iPad in his left hand and holding up an empty right hand up in the same position as if he was holding a smaller iPad. If you capture the pixels where his finger nails intersect the smaller iPad you will notice there are vertical lines in the pixels and no horizontal breaks in the pixelation of the same color.  

That is a clear sign the picture was doctored to add the downsized iPad. The picture is a fake in my opinion. Also, the scale of the “mini” iPad is just a bit too small as it is reportedly seven inches diagonally compared to the real iPad at 9.7 inches diagonally.