Humble Daisy Releases ProfCast 1.5 for Mac OS X

Leading all-in-one presentation to podcast tool for lecturers providing
easy presentation capture and publishing for lecturers and presenters gets
updated to 1.5.

Ann Arbor, MI., June 15 2006– Humble Daisy, Inc today introduced ProfCast
1.5, the latest upgrade to it’s flagship lecture recording and podcast
creation software. ProfCast is a versatile, powerful, yet very simple to
use tool for recording lectures and creating enhanced podcasts. ProfCast
provides a low cost solution for recording and distributing lectures,
special events, and presentations as podcasts. ProfCast offers an
integrated workflow that makes creating, recording, and publishing podcasts
easy. It’s as simple as Launch, Load, and Lecture!

Until now, capturing lectures has been a difficult, time-consuming and
costly process. ProfCast allows users to give lectures and presentations as
they normally would; ProfCast does the work for them. ProfCast is designed
specifically around a presenter’s workflow. Instructors can then give their
presentation the way they normally would. When they are finished, ProfCast
will walk them through a series of screens to help them publish their
enhanced podcast in a matter of minutes.

There are a lot of tools out there that are so poorly designed they make
smart people feel stupid. We wanted to build a tool that made smart people
feel brilliant! ProfCast is that tool! One of our customers put it best:
“We were very impressed at how you took a complex set of tasks inherent in
making a podcast and making it brain-dead simple.”Pricing & Availability

ProfCast is available through the ProfCast web site
( for a retail price of $35 (US). Volume discounts
and site licenses are available upon request. Full system requirements and
more information on ProfCast can be found at

A ProfCast reviewers guide is available for download at [6.2 MB PDF FILE]

Humble Daisy, Inc ( was founded in 2002 with the
goal of providing simple and elegant solutions for those who appreciate
such things. We seek people who understand the importance of putting their
users first and work diligently to make user centered designs. Our designs
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