MacTech 25:
Cast Your Vote in People’s Choice

Community chooses the most influential people in Mac technical community


MacTech Magazine has opened voting for the MacTech 25. The MacTech 25 list
is a compilation of the most influential people in the Mac technical
community. It allows the community to recognize those who are the most
influential — through their work, writing, or any other effort they may

The MacTech 25 is designed to recognize the technical contributions of
developers, writers, bloggers, problem-solvers and personalities to the
Macintosh technical community. The MacTech 25 is not a popularity contest,
nor is it to “pick your favorite CEO.” We’re looking for the most
influential in the Mac TECHNICAL market.

The results will be presented in the August issue of MacTech, just in time
for this year’s WWDC.

We want the community to determine the 25 most influential Mac technical
people for 2006 by voting for the MacTech 25, and the best way to do this
is to poll the Mac Technical community, or those “in the know.”

Vote now at: (
Please vote early, but NOT often!

Rules are:
1. They must be alive
2. MacTech staff and columnists are ineligible for the list
3. People cannot be currently employed at Apple

MacTech will be monitoring the votes to prevent vote stacking. We require
voters include their contact information so that we may ask for more
information regarding your vote, but we will not add your contact
information to any other list. Your votes, of course, will remain anonymous
to everyone except select MacTech staff.