SubRosaSoft Inc. Ships MacForensicsLab 1.0

— The first comprehensive Macintosh-based forensics and analysis software
provides a single solution for law enforcement professionals —

Fremont, CA — Inc. today announced the immediate
availability of the MacForensicsLab 1.0. MacForensicsLab is the first of
its kind specifically for the Apple range of personal computers.
MacForensicsLab can also be used on other platform devices including
Microsoft Windows and Linux drives.

MacForensicsLab combines the power of many individual functions into one
application in order to provide a single solution for law enforcement and
forensic professionals. From acquiring the image of a suspect’s drive, to
analyzing the suspect’s data, to the final reporting, MacForensicsLab will
do it all.

The analyze function enables the user to examine files in Hex and text
mode. MacForensicsLab can scan file sectors at blazing speeds that no other
package can approach.

The acquire function uses an intelligent algorithm to image mechanically
unsound drives. Even if the drive has been partially mechanically
compromised, MacForensicsLab has the best chance of recovering evidence for
further data retrieval and analysis.

MacForensicsLab’s salvage function retrieves files that have been deleted
and will recover potentially lost files from hard drives (Mac, Windows, and
Linux), CD-ROMs, external storage devices, digital camera memory cards,
iPods, and much more!

MacForensicsLab’s cataloging process searches through the directory
structure to catalog all files as well as to zero in on suspect material.
MacForensicsLab can create a list of all files within a directory structure
including all catalog information, MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256 checksums, and
basic file information.

MacForensicsLab’s log function keeps a detailed log of every action and all
points of interest to support the evidence. In the Logs window, the
investigator has access to comprehensive details of the date and the time
of the investigation, the actions performed on and performed by
MacForensicsLab, and the outcome of the actions.

Whether you are a seasoned investigator coming to the Mac for the first
time, or a seasoned Mac user coming to forensics for the first time,
MacForensicsLab’s easy-to-use interface is designed for all OS X users. All
functions can be completed with a few clicks.

* Extremely fast media acquisition and data recovery.

* Perfect acquisition of device that retains every detail of the original

* Proprietary media imaging algorithm increases the chance of recovering
damaged drives.

* Perform data acquisition and analysis on drives from Mac, MS Windows,
Linux, and other operating systems.

* Data Acquisition processes include MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 hashes.

* Recover your files, search for keywords, and allow analysis from the
newly initialized drive.

* Highly detailed logs to provide the investigator with as much information
as possible when reporting.

* The bootable CD-ROM supports machines ranging from first-generation iMacs
to the latest Intel-based machines.

To discuss a complete solution please contact
( or contact our Apple
Computer, Inc. partner, Shane Gorman Government Inside Sales Manager, at
703-264-3244 or (

Pricing: Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $995.

System Requirements:

* System 10.3 or higher

* Macintosh CPU with G4, G5, or Intel processor.

* Second hard disk for storing recover data

Contact Information:

Website: (

E-Mail: (

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