Paradigma Software Valentina Studio 2.3.1 Released


April 28, 2006. Beaverton, Oregon. Leading multi-platform database vendor
Paradigma Software, Inc announces the release of Valentina Studio, Admin
Edition 2.3.1. The product lets developers and administrators create, query,
modify and administrate local Valentina 2.x databases and Valentina Office

Valentina Studio, Admin Edition has numerous features that work with both
local and remote databases, including:

– Search, sort and query Valentina 2.x databases
– Convert Valentina 1.x and ODBC data sources to Valentina 2.x
– Create and edit Valentina 2 databases, tables and fields
– Modify almost all properties of databases, tables and fields
– Import/Export Valentina data (SQL dump, XML dump, text)
– Execute any SQL statement, and store SQL statements for reuse

The Admin Edition plugin also has features for the management of Valentina 2
Office Server:

– Connect directly to and remotely restart Valentina 2 Office Server
– Maintain Server databases and any assigned users
– Browse and disconnect current Valentina Server connections

The update includes over 60 improvements and enhancements, including new
short-cuts, tool tips, special characters support, previewing pictures
stored in Valentina 1.x and 2.x databases, greater control over compression
in BLOBs, and more.

Valentina 2.3.x is the most widely available, network-ready database
technology for application development on Mac OS X (PPC and Intel via
Universal Binary version) and Windows. Popular development environments
supported include: Microsoft Visual Studio (C++, .NET), REAL Software’s
REALbasic, Macromedia Director, Apple xCode (Cocoa), Runtime Revolution, any
Windows environment that supports the COM component standard (Visual Basic,
Borland Delphi, and more), and PHP scripting with Valentina Office Server.

Valentina Studio Admin Edition is available for Windows and Mac OS X and
costs $59. For more information, visit the Paradigma Software website at

About Paradigma Software, Inc

Founded in 1998, Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software, Inc is the
leading provider of incredibly fast and robust database solutions for
business and development. Valentina 2 technology powers solutions as diverse
as graphics applications from major Japanese electronics companies to
solutions supporting US public schools. Paradigma Software solutions are
available for every major development environment on the Windows and
Macintosh platforms.