Netatmo — a company dedicated to designing products that monitor the weather and environment — has unveiled its Urban Weather Station, a new device specifically designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It’s available for US$179 at .

The Urban Weather Station allows users to monitor indoor and outdoor environmental elements including temperature, humidity, air pressure, CO2 levels and more. The Netatmo Weather Station quantifies personal environments like the home and office, and wirelessly transmits data through Wi-Fi to the Netatmo app, which is available free at the Apple App Store.

“Air quality and weather conditions are a daily concern for city residents around the globe,” says Netamo CEO Fred Potter, CEO, Netatmo. “By integrating Air Quality sensors into an easy-to-use Personal Weather Station, specifically designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, we’re able to help users improve their indoor wellness and adapt their outdoor activities – creating a better way of life for everyone.”

With the Wi-Fi connected Personal Weather Station, Netatmo also aims to create the largest Weather and Air Quality monitoring network ever established, he adds. The station can evaluate indoor air confinement by measuring CO2 concentration. When C02 reaches an excessive level, the user is alerted directly on his or her iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and can take action like ventilating his or her home.
The Air Quality conditions reported by the Netatmo App also allow users to assess the best times for outdoor physical activity, when to commute versus drive to work and more. In addition to receiving real-time notifications on Air Quality and Weather conditions, users have access to a lifetime online account, free of any subscriptions, where all station measurements and data are stored. Over time, users can access data history and review it using the Netatmo App.

Other functions of the Urban Weather Station include a detailed seven-day forecast and a light indicator for reading CO2 levels. The Urban Weather Station can even detect sound to make sure average noise levels in the home remain at a healthy balance, a helpful feature for parents looking to protect their family from noise pollution.

The Netatmo Urban Weather Station comes with one indoor and one outdoor module to monitor each living environment. The shell for both modules is constructed from a single piece of aluminum. The indoor and outdoor modules are powered by the included USB wall adapter and 4 AAA batteries, respectively, and come packaged with a wall mount kit for outdoor installation.