[] is the marketplace for
businesses to post outsourced projects to a pool of quality Mac developers
in a reverse auction styled environment.

There are a lot of able people out there ready and quite capable of
providing software and assistance in the development of computer-based
tools covering the entire spectrum of today’s business environment.

At the same time, there are lots of Mac users out there who are struggling
to automate or enable some part of their enterprise’s work who are not
accomplished programmers.

MacDeveloper is an answer to that problem. MacDeveloper is a subscription
service to software developers and a free service to folks with a problem
to solve, that serves as a venue to connect buyers and service providers in
a virtual auction marketplace.

As a neutral facilitator, MacDeveloper is not directly involved in the
actual transactions between users of the website and doesn’t charge fees
based on the cost of the job. It is just a well-oiled channel between
software-capable people and people who need those skills.

MacDeveloper was designed to help folks who “can do” meet folks who “need
done” without imposing a financial burden on either side of the
transaction. Developers pay low subscription fees, Buyers have free access
and get their job done.

Buyers: Post your development projects to be bid on. The service is free
and there are no escrow accounts or hidden fees.

Developers: With shamefully low Monthly, Quarterly or Annual registration
plans, MacDeveloper allows you to bid on projects in any area of your
expertise. If you design web pages, write Cocoa apps, or devise Applescript
workflows, this is the place to be!

Early Bird Special! Register Now! The first three months are absolutely
free to first time developers who register. There will be no subscription
charges until after the three month period has expired.

Jump in! See what’s cooking.

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