Free upgrade for all owners of Personal Antispam X3

Austin, TX, April 19, 2006 — Intego, the Macintosh security specialist,
today announced the release of Intego Personal Antispam X4, an update to
its acclaimed intelligent antispam software. This powerful program works in
conjunction with Apple Mail and Microsoft Entourage to filter spam so users
can keep their inboxes spam-free. Intego Personal Antispam X4, a Universal
application that runs on Macs with Intel or PowerPC processors, works
simply and easily, and relieves users from checking each message to know if
it is spam or not.

Some analysts suggest that as much as 84% of all e-mail that is sent and
received is spam, and that this costs the global economy tens of billions
of dollars each year. Spam causes losses in productivity in businesses,
wastes time for all kinds of users, and can even clog mail servers, making
it harder to send and receive legitimate e-mail. Some people get so much
spam that they spend more time sorting their in-boxes than they do reading
legitimate e-mail.

Intego Personal Antispam X4 is the first intelligent program for fighting
spam and phishing e-mails. Intego Personal Antispam X4 learns from the
e-mail users receive, and regular monthly updates to the program help keep
their inbox as spam-free as possible. The program filters spam and phishing
e-mails, protecting users from spam glut and scams.

“Spam is one of the main annoyances of the Internet”, said Laurent Marteau,
CEO, Intego, “and some users get far more spam than legitimate e-mail. In
addition, phishing is the most dangerous scam on the Internet, and can
easily fool users into giving up confidential information. Intego Personal
Antispam X4 helps Mac users save time by filtering their e-mail, sorting
legitimate e-mail from spam and phishing attempts, efficiently and

In addition to keeping users’ inboxes free of spam, Personal Antispam X4
helps protect against two serious threats: phishing and viruses. Some
viruses circulate by e-mail as attachments, and Personal Antispam X4
detects specific types of attachments and moves messages containing them to
the spam folder. As for phishing, e-mail scams intended to trick users into
logging into web sites and giving up their passwords, account numbers or
credit card numbers, Personal Antispam X4 detects and filters these
messages in several ways: by the words they contain, the links in phishing
messages, and specific types of layout.

Intego Personal Antispam X4 features:

* Filters e-mail and weeds out spam, placing it in a Spam folder
* Filters spam with Bayesian analysis
* Filters spam by address, message content, layout and more
* Filters spam with a whitelist of users’ contacts
* Filters spam by developing a blacklist of spammers’ addresses
* Filters phishing e-mails
* Filters attachments for common file names
* Can learn from the spam users receive
* Does not slow down e-mail programs
* Regular updates help fight spam as new types appear

System requirements:

* Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later. Intego Personal Antispam X4 is fully compatible
with Tiger, Panther and Jaguar
* Universal application – runs on Macs with Intel and PowerPC processors
* Apple Mail or Microsoft Entourage e-mail client; other e-mail clients are
not supported
* An Internet connection to receive e-mail

Intego Personal Antispam X4 is available now from Intego via the company’s
website, ( The program is available by
download, and is also available in Internet Security Barrier Antispam
Edition, a bundle containing Personal Antispam X4, NetBarrier X4 and
VirusBarrier X4. Internet Security Barrier Antispam Edition is available
from the Intego website as well as from Macintosh software resellers or one
of Intego’s sales offices.

Pricing (plus shipping, handling and any applicable sales tax): $49.95
Free upgrade for all registered users of Intego Personal Antispam X3 via

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