The Sonos ZonePlayer 80 Bundle Transforms Stereo and More into a Wireless,
Multi-Room Digital Music System with Full-color Wireless Controller

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – April 10, 2006 – Sonos, Inc., the developer of
wireless multi-room music systems for the digital home, today announced the
immediate availability of the Sonos ZonePlayer 80 Bundle (ZP80 Bundle), an
innovative way to turn your favorite audio equipment into a wireless,
multi-room digital music system. The new bundle offering extends the Sonos
Digital Music System family of products and includes two incredibly compact
Sonos ZonePlayer 80s (ZP80s) and a Sonos Controller.

The suggested retail price of the Sonos ZP80 Bundle is $999, and is now
available for purchase at authorized Sonos dealers including, Magnolia Audio Video, Tweeter and more, or directly from
Sonos at or 1.800.680.2345

The brand new ZP80 Bundle lets you play all your digital music, all over
your house, on all your current audio equipment — your home theater,
stereo, powered speakers, premium table top radio such as a Bose Wave
radio, and more. By simply connecting a ZP80 to any amplified audio device
in any room, that device is instantly and seamlessly part of a wireless,
multi-room digital music system. Plus, you can wirelessly control all your
music from the palm of your hand with the industry’s only full-color
wireless Controller.

Because all products in the Sonos Digital Music System are designed to work
together, you can combine the ZP80 Bundle or individual ZP80s with the
Sonos ZonePlayer 100 (ZP100) with built-in amplifier for true multi-room
music in up to 32 rooms.

“Music lovers have often asked Sonos to help them connect the stereo they
love to our award-winning digital music system,” said John MacFarlane,
founder and chief executive officer, Sonos. “With the ZP80 Bundle that’s
now possible-and all for just $999.”

The amazingly compact ZP80 has digital (optical and coaxial) and analog
outputs to deliver superior sound to every room. It also includes
auto-sensing line-in connectors that can digitally encode any line-in
source. This allows Sonos users to connect an external audio source, such
as an Apple iPod, a CD player or satellite radio, to any ZonePlayer and to
listen to that music on all the other ZonePlayers in the house.

=46or complete technical specifications of the new Sonos ZP80 Bundle, please

The Sonos ZP80 Bundle retails for $999 / EUR1,149.00 (including VAT) /
=A3779.00 (including VAT). The ZP80 retails for $349.00 / EUR399.00
(including VAT) / =A3269.00 (including VAT) each. The ZP80 and ZP80 Bundle
will be available in Europe by the end of April.

The Sonos Digital Music System lets you play all your digital music, all
over your house-from the bedroom to the backyard-and control it all from
the palm of your hand. It’s the first wireless, multi-room digital music
system of its kind and it’s going to change the way you listen to music at
home. With the full-color Sonos Controller in hand, your entire digital
music collection, Internet radio, the Rhapsody Online Music Service and content, are at your fingertips. And with Sonos ZonePlayers in
all the rooms where you want music, you can simply pick a room, pick a song
and hit play.

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About Sonos, Inc.
Sonos is the developer of wireless multi-room music systems for the digital
home. The award-winning Sonos Digital Music System is available direct from
Sonos or at more than 500 retailers and custom integrators throughout North
America. Sonos is a privately-held company, headquartered in Santa
Barbara, CA with offices in Cambridge, MA and Hilversum, Netherlands. To
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