Five Speed releases iGet 2.0, with major enhancements for Mac OS X 10.4

New version of the Mac file transfer tool now features remote Spotlight
searching, Automator actions for workflows, and more.

TOKYO, Japan — October 20, 2005 — Five Speed Software, Inc. today
announced the immediate availability of iGet 2.0, the second major release
of the Mac file transfer tool.

The new version introduces a powerful new remote search feature, which can
search any Mac remotely using Apple’s new Spotlight technology. Dozens of
other major new features include embedded Automator actions, new
AppleScript capabilities, URL support, connection shortcuts, improved file
listings featuring Finder labels and true Mac icons, networking
enhancements, faster SSH encryption of connections, realtime throughput
reporting, and much more.

“With iGet 1.0, we showed the Mac world that Internet file transfer doesn’t
have to be a clunky, cross-platform experience,” said CEO Chris Frey. “Ever
since iGet 1 was release, Mac users no longer needed to stuff or compress
their files, install any servers, or any of that nonsense. But with the 2.0
release, we’ve really been able to take it to the next level, and showcase
how Mac software can rise above the rest. Thanks to iGet’s unique
Mac-specific architecture, we were able to support for all these innovative
Mac-only features, like Spotlight and IconServices, at the most basic level
(in the protocol itself). You can’t do that with SFTP. These are some of
the huge advantages of being engineered specifically for the Mac.”

“One exciting new aspect of iGet 2.0 is that it harnesses the power of
Spotlight, and projects that power across the Internet,” said product
manager Mason Mark. “This is something business travelers have been
requesting over and over. Wherever you happen to be, or wherever the Mac
happens to be, you can connect and quickly perform advanced searches based
on a huge variety of criteria. They can find all documents containing the
words ‘ACME corpotation’ created in the past 2 weeks. Or all pictures taken
with a Canon digital camera with resolutions of 1600×1200 or higher.
Spotlight lets you find your stuff wherever it happens to be on their Mac;
iGet 2 builds on that to let you find your stuff, wherever you or your Mac
happen to be in the world.”

Mark went on to add that there are “a ton” of other enhancements in iGet
2.0, in addition to the high-profile remote Spotlight search capability.
“From Automator and AppleScript support to power-user details like custom
port numbers and our own URL scheme, iGet 2.0 has updates for the entire
user base. Plus, we’ve revamped the entire UI,” he said. “And of course,
we’re extremely excited to be able to provide all of this as a free upgrade
to our existing users.”

About iGet

iGet is a modern and Mac-specific replacement for older file transfer
tools, and for client-server solutions which require advance set-up. Unlike
SFTP or FTP, iGet provides complete support for all the features and
goodies that Mac users expect: resource forks, HFS metadata, custom Mac
icons, packages, aliases, Unicode file names, and more.

Using an elegantly efficient Mac interface, iGet allows users to quickly
locate and move files from one Mac to another. Its innovative “zero-setup”
design allows the user to connect to any machine running Mac OS X 10.3 or
higher, without having to install special software (not even iGet) on the
remote Mac. All the user needs is to have a copy of iGet on her own Mac,
and connecting and moving files back and forth is as easy as if iGet were
built into the OS.

Pricing and Availability

iGet 2.0 is available immediately from the company’s web site, at
( Regularly priced at $49.95, the software is
available for only $39.95 until October 31, as part of the “iGet Release
Party” promotion. The update is free to all licensed users of iGet 1.x.

Educational discounts and site license pricing are also available.

For more information, please visit the company’s Web site at
(, send email to (,
or call (800) 863-9511.

About Five Speed Software, Inc.

Five Speed helped redefine the boundaries of handheld computing in the
1990s with its award-winning line of software for the Newton OS. The
company engineers custom software solutions for clients across Europe and
Japan, and returned to the consumer market in 2004 with iGet for Mac OS X.
Five Speed Software, Inc. is a privately held Nevada corporation.