Symantec pcAnywhere 12.0 and Symantec pcAnywhere Access Server Streamline
Connectivity for SMB and Corporate Help Desk Customers

World-Class Remote Control Solution Expands Cross Platform Support and
Improves Ease of Use

CUPERTINO, Calif. — April 6, 2006 –Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC),
announced Symantec pcAnywhereTM 12.0, the world’s leading remote control
solution1 and the new Symantec pcAnywhere Access Server. Available now, the
latest version of pcAnywhere marks its 20th anniversary in the marketplace
providing help desk support and mobile professionals with powerful and
adaptable remote access and problem solving tools. The new pcAnywhere
Access Server, available in the second quarter of 2006, is a new offering
for use with pcAnywhere which provides improved connectivity from anywhere
to anywhere. Enhancements in pcAnywhere 12.0 include a new gateway feature
which enables transparent connectivity between help desk professionals and
remote users, expanded ease-of-use and additional cross-platform support —
including support for Mac OS X.

“Today’s customer support organizations must assist a growing number of
users, including numerous remote locations with different security policies
and multiple hardware devices and software platforms,” said Stephen Drake,
Program Director, IDC’s Mobile Software Service. “Organizations require a
comprehensive remote control solution that delivers consistent and secure
connectivity across multiple platforms to increase productivity and reduce
support costs.” “Providing connectivity securely and consistently across
these intricate environments is imperative in order to rapidly resolve help
desk and support issues,” said Steve Fairbanks, senior director of product
management, Symantec Corporation. “By combining additional connectivity
options, cross-platform support and streamlined ease-of-use with the robust
security Symantec users have come to expect, pcAnywhere 12.0 continues to
address today’s requirements for enabling customers to connect to systems
and information anytime from anywhere.”

Gateway and Host Invitation Features Simplify Host and Remote Connectivity

Symantec pcAnywhere 12.0 combines a feature-rich, secure remote control
solution with remote management and advanced file transfer capabilities to
quickly resolve help desk and server support issues across multiple
platforms. The new gateway and host invitation features address common
connectivity challenges encountered by organizations and small businesses
supporting multiple, remote devices. By providing real-time discovery of
and secure connection to multiple devices behind firewalls and Network
Address Translation (NAT) devices, the new gateway option allows help desk
professionals to initiate sessions with end-users, minimizing exposure to
common security risks such as port opening/forwarding to help maintain
security policies. In addition, the new host invitation feature offers host
users an instantaneous means to initiate remote control sessions without
requiring either party to know each other’s IP address, establishing a
reverse connection from behind firewalls and NAT devices.

Symantec pcAnywhere CrossPlatform Component Expands Platform Support

Symantec pcAnywhere 12.0 introduces the new pcAnywhere CrossPlatform
component, which expands host and remote platform support across Windows,
Linux, and Mac OS X environments. The pcAnywhere CrossPlatform remote
offers a multi-pane view for simultaneous display of multiple concurrent
remote control and/or file transfer sessions, and enables host-to-host file
transfer. Support for the pcAnywhere host in Windows XPe and WEPOS embedded
environments enables remote access for business services environments
requiring kiosks, point-of-sale or other specialized devices. New remote
management tools for pcAnywhere Mobile provide access to Command Prompt,
Task Manager and System State tools without initiating a remote control
session. This greatly reduces steps, bandwidth, and time required for
remote troubleshooting and issue resolution from Windows Mobile Pocket PC
or Pocket PC Phone Edition devices. For expanded ease of use, pcAnywhere
12.0 provides a new basic view user interface option which offers
intuitive, simplified, task-based graphic options. The single session
manager feature gives users the option to combine all active sessions into
a single window with tabs for each session.

Symantec pcAnywhere Access Server Add-On Option Provides Improved
Connectivity from Anywhere, to Anywhere

The introduction of the Symantec pcAnywhere Access Server enables SMBs,
VARs and other service providers a way to support their internal and
external clients by discovering and connecting to multiple pcAnywhere hosts
through a centralized, secure host access point from anywhere, regardless
of location or network configuration. With the pcAnywhere Access Server,
pcAnywhere hosts establish a reverse connection to pcAnywhere Access Server
from behind firewalls and NAT devices. By detecting when host machines are
online and available for connection, pcAnywhere Access Server eases remote
access, support discovery and connectivity challenges without incurring
expensive subscription fees.

Administration capabilities within pcAnywhere Access Server allow logical
arrangement of available hosts by customer, organization, or department.
The pcAnywhere Web Remote is included with pcAnywhere Access Server,
allowing for hosted web-based access from devices, without any requirement
to have pcAnywhere pre-installed.

Availability & Pricing

Symantec pcAnywhere 12.0 is scheduled to be generally available before the
end of March 2006 through Symantec’s worldwide network of distributors and
resellers, various retail locations and select online retailers. Symantec
pcAnywhere Access Server will be available during the second quarter of
2006. For additional product information call (800) 745-6054 or visit To obtain licensing information or to locate a
reseller, visit on the World
Wide Web. Estimated single-user retail pricing for Symantec pcAnywhere
12.0 is USD $199.95. Current users of pcAnywhere and select competitive
products will be able to upgrade to pcAnywhere 12.0 for an estimated retail
price of USD $99.95 after a $100 mail-in rebate. For small business users,
the product will be available in 5-user and 10-packs for estimated retail
prices of USD $799.95 and USD $1,599.95, respectively. Symantec pcAnywhere
12.0 Host will be available in 1-user and 5-user packs for USD $99.95 and
USD $399.95 respectively. The Symantec pcAnywhere Access Server add-on will
be available in a small business pack for USD $399.95, supporting up to 25
managed devices.

About Symantec

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